It takes a lot of time, effort and intellect to create a landing page. You have put in all that you could have and now your landing page is ready with a compelling call to action, relevant keywords, wonderful language, et cetra. It’s the time to publish your landing page and see the conversions going up. However when you check your analytics you find that conversions are not taking place the way you expected. Visitors are still rebounding from your web page. Perhaps, unknowingly, you might have been making some mistakes that are killing your landing page conversions.

Here are six very common of them avoiding which can help you create a high-converting landing page.

Not using specific facts and details

lp 1 Of course writing in generalities could be easier but consumers are not going to believe your words when you say your product or services are the best ever possible solution for the respective issue. They want numbers and facts and that too very specific. A round of figure or a vague statement is not going to bring results. If you really want to enhance your credibility, you need to be very specific. Make sure each sentence you write contains specific details or numbers be it the data that you are presenting to your audience or your call-to-action.

Using complicated language to impress consumers

lp 2 Remember, consumers do not come to your web page to appreciate your language; they are rather in need of something or are looking for a resolution. Your product or services can get to resolve their issue however using clever words can slow them down. So instead of trying to impress the consumer by your vocabulary try using plain English that can be easily understood by your audience. Not everybody will know Jargons so try not using it. There are so many instances where only simplifying the language of your landing page copy has increased the conversions. It is a good idea to use the language of your audience and using the same phrases they use.

Using meaningless Graphics


lp 3 Of course a picture is worth a thousand words but only if it is relevant. Irrelevant illustration is only going to hurt your conversions. Make sure the graphics that you are using on your landing page are not meaningless. Don’t use pictures just for the heck of using it. Dreary stock photography and inexplicable icons may thwart your conversion rate.


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Use of exaggerated phrases


lp 4 While writing the copy for your landing page, think as if you are conversing with the customer. Be honest, helpful and frank. Write a simple sales copy instead of using exaggerated phrases. Try giving a genuine advice instead of straight away promoting your product or service. Besides, don’t use too much of exclamation marks as that gives the impression of a sleazy salesman or lazy copywriter.

Being irrelevant

lp 5 Usually when people write the copy for the landing page they start with the top of the page; perhaps from the headline to sub heading with a few bullet points and so on. However, like this it might become difficult to keep your page on track. Your so-called interesting content might seem like irrelevant chunks of information to the visitors and they might not convert. So if you really want to write a copy that will help visitors convert then start with your final objective and then work backwards. Write the text of your button after deciding your final objective as in the end goal. Now, think about the persona of your buyer and then define the promises accordingly. Also, consider the doubts that your buyers can have in buying from you. Then clearly mention the benefits overcoming their doubts.

Relying too much on the power of Free


lp 6 Why not? Of course! Everyone likes free and it is a fact that the power of free is unreasonably strong. However, at the same time, it is also a fact that a large number of people do not sign up to a newsletter or a trial just because it is free. Free is not enough for people to sign up. Try thinking out of the box and including something to your content that will really impact conversions. Suppose you are promoting an ebook, you can list what your readers are going to learn from it and also include testimonials as that will increase your credibility. So many instances are there where conversions have really gone up by doing such things. Thus, let your customer know how your free ebook, newsletter or your offer would make their lives better and why should they sign up.

A good landing page will prompt your readers to sign up and finally convert into your customers. So do a research about your customers, make a note of words and phrases they use, recognize what issues they are going through and how can your product or service help them overcome the issues. Listen to them. Besides, think yourself as the customer and figure out how to sell to them as this is how you will be able to write a copy that will sell.


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