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To quantify the effect of your social media marketing efforts, it’s important to know which social media metrics you should focus on.

In this article, you’ll find the main 6 social media metrics you should screen on Facebook and Twitter.

1. Number of Followers

 The number of individuals taking interest in a brand is those representing your fans, followers and page likes and you should keep a strong focus on growing your followers. When you track this metric, you are able to monitor your audience’s reactions to specific posts and figure out which time periods are best to bring in new fans.

For Facebook- You can get a detailed analysis of your number of page likes by simply going to your page and clicking the Insights tab. Here, you’ll find total likes including gains and losses of likes over an assigned time period.

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For Twitter-    

Here, you can discover your follower information on your Twitter account page. Visit Twitter Analytics. Click on your profile picture at the top right of any Twitter page and choose Analytics from the drop-down menu.

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 2. Likes and Reactions

This fills in as an important metric to help you determine whether your audience is keen on your posts and should inform the type of content you share in the future.


Facebook offers an updated reaction system, which tells you whether your fans like, love, dislike, or are upset by something you shared.

To find this info:

  • Go to your Insights page
  • Click the Posts option in the left navigation
  • Scroll down to All Posts Published
  • Click on the right drop-down arrow to view Reactions, Comments, and Shares

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To find this data in your analytics:
  • Click the Tweets tab at the top
  • Scroll down to view your tweets

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*You can also click Top Tweets to view only your most popular tweets.

3. Optimal Times to Post

It’s important to know when your audience is most likely to engage with your content. It helps you tailor your strategy to bring maximum engagement. When you post your content at the opportune time i.e. at the point when your audience is active and the greatest days of the week, it works most effectively.


On Facebook, on your Insights page, click Posts in the left navigation and ensure ‘When Your Fans Are Online’ is selected at the top.

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On Twitter, you cannot find engagement statistics for specific times throughout the day; you can perceive how engagement rises and falls by day in the course of the most recent 28 days (default) or another assigned time period. You can discover it by tapping on the Tweets tab at the top of the page.

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4. Mentions

It’s important to track your mentions as there are your prospects talking about you/your brand and you unquestionably want to become a part of their conversation. And, you can do it in different ways, by enabling Twitter notifications and using different tools available.

metric 4 mention

metric 4 twitter mention

5. Audience Demographics

When you monitor your audience demographics, it illuminates your technique and enables you to modify posts and paid ads for future promotions.


On Facebook, you can get to audience information in your Insights under People. Click the Your Fans section to view various demographic factors for your fan base.

metric 5 fb


On Twitter, your analytics data gives audience information identified with your followers. Simply click on Audiences to find the relevant information.

You’ll see a wide outline of your audience, their specific demographics, interests, and other information.

6. Reach

The metric tells you about the number of people you have reached within your audience list or outside.


Go to your Insights tab and click the Reach option in the navigation panel on the left. The top graph displays your post reach, which is mainly the number of people who saw your post.

Look to the bottom of the page to find your total reach. This is the number of people who saw any activity from your page as a result of follower interactions, ads, mentions, check-ins, and so on.


 Click the Tweets tab in your analytics to show an Impressions column. This is the number of impressions for each tweet. As individuals interact with your tweets, the number of impressions will rise as a result of expanded reach.



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