Wondering how to access the recent updates of Google Ads?

Here is your key to unlock the latest Google AdWords updates.

You will find detailed information about all the updates prominent for marketers.

Here is the list-

1) Google AdWords Becomes Google Ads

Google AdWords has become Google Ads and the reasons appear interesting.

The change has been made while taking care of the needs of the small businesses which can now advertise across all PPC channels.

Google also brought Smart Campaigns for small business that enables them to easily target visitors who are ready to make a call or visit the store.

Enterprises can now use advanced forecasting and intelligence technologies.

2) Google Sheets Integration- Know the add-ons to create detailed reports

When it comes to paid search, report formation becomes essential.

Including the data of ROI, conversions, traffic and lifetime value in a report is critical.

And, this is tedious and time-taking.

So, to generate this report efficiently, Google has come up with Google Sheets Integration.

You can integrate Google Docs and Google Sheets and create the report in a few minutes.


3) Google Brings Responsive Search Ads

Google rolled out a new ad product which utilizes machine learning to acclimatize to queries of users.

Advertisers can now add up to 15 headlines and 4 description lines in responsive search ads.

After that Google checks the performance of ad creative by testing the different combinations of headlines and descriptions.

Google says machine learning test of numerous ad creative sets can enhance clicks up to 15 percent.


4) Google Adds Notes to Key Account Changes

Google added a new feature “Notes” in Google AdWords. It’s officially known as Google Keep.

With Notes, users can add written text to give context show changes in the performance of your account.

Understand this by an example, did you see unexpected conversions in festive months. Go for adding the note to that section defining the reason.

This is not only important for you but also informs other users and this also helps when you may forget the actions taken.

If you’re a professional marketer and managing accounts for your AdWords clients, this helps them to remember the changes made and meaning behind them.


5) Google Adds New Feature to AdWords Editor Version 12.3

Google AdWords Editor, an essential free tool to manage AdWords accounts.

The application allows you to make account changes without opening a browser.

Download the application and import your accounts by logging in on the application.

The tool offers you two amazing features:

Offline editing:

You can make changes offline and see them acting once you connect to the internet.

This means you can do your editing process anywhere without needing the internet use.

Bulk editing tools:

Bulk editing tools are useful for advertisers having multiple accounts.

You can make changes to all accounts in one go by replacing ad copy or adding some negative keywords.


6) Google Adds “People Also Search For” Box to Paid Search Results

Google has brought a new feature to paid search results that were exclusively available in an organic search result.

The new feature is called “People Also Search For” box updated for organic search in last February, now available in paid search results.

This has been a rare paid search listing case taking a feature that available only to organic search.

Google says the new feature “People Also Search For” suggestions will be helpful in doing proper keyword research to advertisers.



Updates are always important as they let you know what new has been added to certain tool or application.

Google keeps updating its resources from time to time and thus, keep informing its users about the changes made.

Here are some of the top Google AdWords updates that surely will be useful for digital marketers.

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2 thoughts on “6 Latest Google Ads (AdWords) Updates for You”

  1. Wow! your article is so nice. I have got of information on this article, really it will help me. but I have one doubt what is differences between AdWords and AdWords editor. Please, can u explain this?

    1. Glad you liked it!!Narender.

      Google AdWords is an advertising platform, whereas AdWords editor is a tool used for managing bulk changes in AdWords campaigns.

      In details:

      Google Ads is an online advertising platform developed by Google to help marketers, advertisers, organizations, and businesses to reach potential customers at a fast pace.

      Google’s Ads Editor is an application which helps you import, export, add, remove, enable and pause campaigns, ad groups, ad copy or keywords.

      Hope it will help!!

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