Do you want your brand not just to be seen, but to generate sales, too?

If that is your goal, Instagram is perhaps the best platform for you. It’s a visually-driven social network, with 59% of all users being under the age of 30. This demographic data allows you to experiment with cutting-edge tactics and still succeed.

But what are the very best tactics that build your band from the ground up? Use these 6 Instagram marketing approaches and tactics to generate more sales than ever and to achieve relevance in your niche.

1) Prepare the right tools for consistency

Instagram gives you just one opportunity to sway over a visitor and urge them to click your website. To use this opportunity wisely and fully, you need to have consistency even in the limited niche of your Instagram profile. Perhaps the best Instagram marketing tactic is to maintain consistency ever since your first appearance on the network.

Pick a logo wisely, as it will be the most important representative of your brand. Instead of just putting it as the profile picture, think of other ways of branding. This tactic involves adding the logo or your trademark colors to every post.


Upon publishing content, maintain that same brand consistency. Don’t just use the logo; make sure the tone, style, and vocabulary always stay at the same level. Instagram is a fast-paced network. Just in 2016, there were 95 million photos and videos shared on a daily basis. It’s your job to use the right tactic to stand out.

2) Sync your Instagram profile with other forms of content

Just because you’re focusing on Instagram doesn’t mean you can disregard other forms of content. If you limit yourself to Instagram-only marketing tactics, people won’t think your brand is credible.

90% of consumers expect a brand to be the same across multiple platforms. To build your brand correctly and attract more customers, you need to have a seamless transition from Instagram to other platforms.

Why is this tactic so important? It’s because it teaches you how to use data to create. For instance, take a look at how individual posts perform. Take the best posts and try to convert them to another form of content. A successful image can become a blog post.


If you’re unable to write something yourself, give Essay Writing Lab or other writing services a try.  Expand on your ideas and your Instagram profile be much more than its actual content.

4) Focus on User-Generated Content (UGC)

There is only so much inspiration that a brand manager and marketer can have. During every brand’s “life,” there comes a point when you just don’t know what kind of content to post. This usually happens if you focus too much on your own ideas and suggestions, instead of the voice of your customers. To truly build your brand and generate sales, you need a clever plan of outsourcing UGC.

Why UGC? Firstly, it’s the most sustainable source of content a marketer can have. Secondly, it’s about quantity. More people – more chances to create something significant.

Think of incentives and contents that might resonate with your audience. Create a goal and a hashtag afterward. For instance, you can have people take photos of your product in a natural setting. Pick the best photo every other day and post it.


This gives you two important benefits:
  • You get free content that is unique, custom made and compelling
  • You’re sending a message to your other followers that they too can get their content featured, motivating them to create.

4) You can create images based on descriptions, too

One segment that many brands ignore is product descriptions. Marketers just view them as a paragraph or two to go with their post, without thinking of how to maximize their potential.

If you’re stuck at a certain point during creation, why not change the creative process? We’re used to seeing posts being the center. Why not include a minimalistic image with a compelling and important description?

You can either devote time to writing your own description or outsource them. Writing tools such as and can provide you with custom descriptions for Instagram. Use this tactic to add diversity to your content and to engage people into reading.

5) Segment marketing by priority

Instagram offers many different ways to post content. You can publish posts to your profile, upload Stories or even organize a live stream. These are the most prominent ways to build your brand via Instagram.

To make sure you’re on the road to increased sales, you need to avoid oversaturating the network with too much content and too much advertising. This leads us to the so-called tactic of segmentation. It’s a simple approach that allows your content to be seen and appreciated.

If you’ve uploaded a new post, you can let your followers know by linking it in your story. New posts are a top priority, right next to new products and special promotions. You can feature these in your posts, bio and stories all at once.

But when it comes to UGC, minor announcements and other purposes, only use one form of sharing. This is to avoid coming off as “pushy.”

6) Sporadic color uniformity is the best solution

All the time, we see both personal and business profiles adopt a theme. They constantly post images in the same style or in the same colors. While this has an aesthetic appeal, it’s an unsustainable Instagram marketing strategy. It severely limits you, once you choose the tone to go with.

Make same-colored posts during a select period. Then, go back to colorful. You can use white and green during the summer or white during the winter. Combine and be creative.



It’s important to approach Instagram the way you feel it’s right. Think outside of the box and use your creativity as a weapon to drive sales and build a strong brand. Use the aforementioned tactics to get affirmed and recognized by both peers and followers alike.

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