Google AdWords is a significant tool for scaling your business.

The foremost issue is that AdWords can be expensive. Every single penny you spend paying for clicks, you can’t share within other business expenses, so it’s important to make each one gets counted.

Here in this article, we’ll discuss six Google AdWords hacks to help you drive high-quality leads and double your conversion & ROI.

Hack #1: Overcome your Competitors’ Ads

Every industry has competitors. An AdWord is no different.  If your competitors’ ads campaign is ranking highly, reviewing their secrets help your ads to perform better.

Targeting competitor’s keywords on AdWords is an easy way to steal your competitor’s traffic, leads, and hard-earned sales.

It is perfectly acceptable to target your competitor’s keywords. It could help you drive clicks to your landing page.

You can use SpyFu tool to check out for both organic and paid ads of your competitors’ best-performing keywords.


Hack #2: Remarketing

Remarketing is the best AdWords hack on which you can focus your efforts.

According to stats, 97% of people leave a website without having to take the action the marketer wanted them to take.

Shocking, right?

Remarketing lets you regain in front of those lost visitors with targeted messaging, apt for their place in the conversion funnel.

It can be a strategic part of your advertising if you are you’re looking to drive sales activity, increase registrations, or promote awareness of your brand.


Benefits of Remarketing
  • Access to people when they’re likely to buy
  • Lists focused on your advertising
  • Large-scale reach
  • Efficient pricing
  • Easy ad creation
  • Campaign statistics
  • Help customers find you

Hacks#3 Add Sitelinks

Sitelinks offer you additional links to pages beyond the target landing page in your ad. It is the best way to get more visibility on your ad.

It can take you to specific pages on your website- such as office hours, a specific product, or more. When someone clicks on your links, they hop right to what they want to know.

You can add sitelinks at the account, campaign, or ad group level. You state the link text (what shows to people) and URLs (the pages they click to).


Benefits of Sitelinks
  • Update easily
  • See detailed data about your clicks
  • Edit your sitelink extensions without losing data
  • Customized sitelinks for mobile
  • Schedule with start and end dates

Hacks#4 High-Quality Landing Page

Landing page is most important part of your Google AdWords campaign.

If you are sending your visitors directly to your homepage from ads, you are killing your CTR.

Building a directed landing page for your Google Ads can help increase your CTR and conversions 10X.


Here are some tips:
  • Have an engaging CTA on your website
  • Add testimonials to increase trust
  • A supportive tagline
  • Include videos in your landing page
  • Ensure your landing page works on all devices
  • A lead capture form

Hack #6: In-Market Segments

When you are running an ad campaign, there are 3 main points to keep in mind, because they can decide your conversion results based on the search query. These are:

  • Segmentation
  • Targeting
  • Positioning

In-market segments help you to target people who are already in your market. It is a way to connect with consumers who are actively researching or comparing products and services across Google Display Network publisher and partner sites and YouTube.


You can use in-market audiences in combination with Remarketing to drive highly qualified customers to your site and improve overall remarketing value for your campaign.

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