To know whether you are reaching your goals on YouTube or not; you need to analyze the efficacy of your marketing.

Talking of YouTube Marketing success, we have discussed here 6 important metrics. So, find them here and review the performance of your YouTube channel.

1) Find the subscribers-to-views ratio

Creating content that connects with the audiences is the utmost priority and when you have info about your subscribers-to-views ratio, it helps you determine how well your content meets that goal.

You can find this info with the help of your dashboard. Go into it and ensure that it has been set for the last 28 days. Next, to calculate the subscribers-to-views ratio, you have to compare the number of views against the number of subscribers. This ratio gives an idea of the active subscriber base.


2) Find the views-to-engagement ratio

YouTube success is all about what interests people and finding upon what topics, styles, and delivery generate engagement, you can use this information to get more engagement and perform better.

To find out views-to-engagement ratio, select Overview under the Analytics tab. Add up the stats for likes, dislikes, shares, and comments and then, calculate the ratio of engagements to views. You can also calculate this percentage for individual videos to see which one is individually prompting the most engagement.


3) Measure Organic Views

Organic views are video views that weren’t generated via paid advertising and for brands running pre-roll ads or other advertising to promote their videos, it’s important to calculate this metric.

You have to select Traffic Sources under Analytics in your creator studio. Next, you need to select the Traffic Source checkbox and then, clear the YouTube Advertising checkbox. The left over info is your organic view count.


4) Track Watch time

Watch time is among the most important metrics for your YouTube videos.

To find this metric, go to Analytics; Watch Time Reports; Watch Time.

You’ll then see a graph that shows the general trend in watch time. If your watch time is lowering down, you might change your content strategy to get people to stick around to the end of your videos or can experiment with longer videos.


5) Find Your Suggested Video Recommendations

Getting your videos suggested next to videos with large view counts proves to be a successful YouTube marketing strategy.

You need to keep track of how often your videos appear as suggested videos. To know this go to Analytics; Traffic Sources; Suggested Videos in your YouTube Creator studio.


6) Find Audience Retention

The percentage of the videos that your audience watches before they click away is known as audience retention.

To find it, go to Analytics; Watch Time Reports; Audience Retention. You can also see the audience retention for individual videos including the percentage watched for each video on the far right.

By assessing videos that attain the highest audience retention, you can gauge which topics and styles perform best and repeat those in the future.


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