The absolute power of Google for businesses is kept in its one of the most valuable products i.e. Google My Business.

GMB is the business listing offered by the company to show the presence of a local business on the map of Google.

We all know that Google is one of the most used internet channels and therefore presence on Google means unlimited business leads, right?

But, there are numbers of businesses which register themselves, but make mistakes while listing.

Here is the list of mistakes on GMB-

1) Missing Information

Listing to GMB takes your business directly to Google Maps. It helps users easily find your location through Maps and the perfection of locating remains ultimate.

For registering on GMB, you need to fill a form and that asks for various categories to fill. Sometimes, business owners leave a few of the categories blank.

These categories include working hours, website URL, and phone numbers.


If you miss out these information pieces to fill, you’re certainly going to lose your customers as they won’t be to find you or contact you.

Potential customers may find your competitors valuable and go to them to place the order.

How to fix it?

Log into your account and make sure you filled all left information properly.

2) FAQ

Q and A or FAQ is the new addition to Google My Business, and this is why get ignored by businesses. You may find it invaluable, but answering to the questions of customers can lead to new sales.

It’s against business ethics to not respond to the queries of the customers, and it might happen that they would be left unanswered or someone else would be answering. In such a case, the customers won’t get true value.


How to fix it?

Google has made it possible for businesses to post their questions, and this way you better answer to the queries of your customers, if there is anything.

This way, customers also not come to ask you questions from their side.

3) Wrong Information

Incorrect information misguides your users and you would surely lose potential customers. Many times, you would see the wrong location or contact number or images of a business place.

Businesses need to identify these mistakes and also ensure put correct information. If you don’t have information about the business, leave it blank rather than misguiding your consumers.

How to fix it?

A simple way to fix such issues is to provide the right information.

4) Map Pin

Map pins are often overlooked, and most times are in the wrong place. I have found map pins at the end of a shopping center, in the middle of a parking lot or the street; this doesn’t help potential customers. GPS programs are being used by more and more people, and they want to be directed to the right spot. If they can’t find your location, they may just assume that your business is closed and go elsewhere.

Map pins are essential elements while listing to GMB, but often overlooked, and most of the times when used in the wrong place.

map pin

These pins are often seen at the end of a shopping mall, in the middle of the street or of a parking lot.

If you’re also using map pins the same way, you’re making a mistake.

How to fix it?

Make it sure you have used map pins at the right place and enables users to find your location easily.

5) Photos

You often find few or no photographs of businesses in Google searching.

There are many businesses which neglect to add photos of their business to their GMB profile.

A single or limited number of pictures won’t give a proper idea of your restaurant or any business that you own.


How to fix it?

The best solution is to post three to five exterior and five to ten interior photos that would include your employees as well.

Also add images of your customers, better to add a selfie. This will increase the trustworthiness of your business

You can use various photo editing tools for making your images enticing and attracting.

6) Located in

Google has allowed users to edit the feature “located in” appearing in Google My Business.

To check that you’re your GMB profile is showing the correct “located in”, just perform a Google search.

You can also let users know that your store is located in a particular area. You can easily take your consumers to your business address without hindrances.

Google 6


GMB or Google My Business is one of the best platforms for direct marketing. You can easily bring sales to your business.

But, what you need to do is not to make silly mistakes like mentioned above.

Here is a list of 6 GMB mistakes. Taking a note may help you improve your sales.

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