Wondering how to generate Instagram leads?

Here are 6 outstanding ways that will help you generate Instagram leads.

1. IGTV can Get You Loads of Leads

IGTV launched in June have become one the most adorable tool for lead generation.

The videos on Instagram get longer and also include clickable link regardless of your audience size. Therefore, adding a clickable link in Instagram videos has become easy.

As such you can include a lead magnet as your link in the IGTV description.

Users need to IGTV is just a channel to watch video on Instagram, and it’s not necessary that the whole description would be opened or read.

Therefore, to get the best results, add a description in way viewers can download or get additional information by clicking on the video description link.

A detailed and few-second to read description can get your desired number of leads.


2. Integrate IGTV and Stories for Lead Generation

Using IGTV and Instagram Stories can give you solid leads, but sometime you may not be able to add IGTV and Instagram Stories. So, here is the process to integrate them.

  • The accounts that are not eligible for the swipe-up link in Stories are not able to add a swipe-up link to their IGTV channel. In such a situation, follow these steps to get leads-
  • Make an IGTV video that includes the topic related to your main page or opt-in. Make sure you add the link in the video’s description.
  • Now, add the link to the lead page in your IGTV’s video description.
  • Create a post/s for your Instagram Stories that discuss the topic of your IGTV video.
  • Integrate the swipe-up link to your IGTV video in your story post.
  • Take people to the swipe-up link to watch the video.

This way you can drive people from your Instagram Story to your IGTV channel and ultimately to your lead page.

This activity needs a few more steps on both your part and your viewer’s part. But, the quality of generated opt-ins from this strategy makes sure they’re probably going convert definitely when they’re in your funnel.

3. Use Instagram Action Buttons to Get Leads

Instagram completely understands that its value as a business resource and therefore gone improved with one-click action buttons on Instagram business profile.

You can get up to three buttons, Call, Text, Email or Directions on your profile.

Directions and Email, but buttons won’t be effective for your lead generation goals.

The Email works greatly for immediate conversation because when a user with tap that button will lead to user’s email app and they can send you a direct mail.

This is worthy for direct communication, but ideally, it collects an email address and archives your list.

Use the Default Text Action Button

A number of businesses run offers in which users can text a specific phrase to a five-digit number to either get a downloadable link or enter a contest. This is done for a remarketing purpose by collecting user’s data.

To run such lead generation on Instagram, you can utilize the Text button to set the text-to number for users to submit a keyword or phrase.

You will have to edit your Instagram profile and choose Contact Options. The click Phone Number and choose the Text option before entering your five-digit text code.


4. Give A Human Touch to Your Brand

If you want to generate leads through Instagram, you will have to give a face to your brand.

Generating leads has become an easy task when people find it easy to relate to the brand. The pushy sales messaging and in-your-face advertising have made audiences tired.

They look for genuine interactions and real brand relationships.

This is where Instagram empowers you to do this by adding a more personal touch to your interaction with followers.

See the example of Piebox which shares behind-the-scenes images of the actions going on inside their company.

They keep updating their existing followers by what they’re into and giver a human touch to the entire Instagram account.


5. Create a Specific Landing page for Instagram

Here, you’ll find the example of Foundr Magazine, whose strategy of the Instagram-specific landing page is the topic to be discussed for Instagram success.


You can see how the lead magnet and landing page are laser-targeted to attract leads from Instagram.

The whole story tells the number of Foundr’s followers on Instagram i.e. 1.2 million.

Foundr gets more than 10,000 opt-in every month with the help of its Instagram-specific landing page. Drip email campaigns turn those visitors into paid subscribers.

If you also want to do this, take help of the tool Leadpages.


6. Respond To Every Comment & Like

What do you want from the following list?

  • Want more views on your stories & IGTV sessions?
  • Want more link clicks?
  • Want more followers?
  • Want more direct messages?

Hopefully all then ensure you’re responding to everything people put on your wall. Because, if you practice this all of these things will increase.

When you respond, you create a deeper relationship with your followers and that is the key to the engagement on Instagram.



Instagram can burn great leads for you, what is needed to hit the right tactic.

Here is the list of some 6 brilliant tactics for generating Instagram leads.

Hope you find them useful for you goals!!

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