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Social Media Marketing these days is not easy and so, marketers need strategies that stand out.

Here, in this post, we have listed a few best brands showing unsullied growth backed by their unusual social media campaigns.

Take a look at the entire list featuring 6 best social media marketing examples and find some clever campaigns and ideas to use in your own business:

1) Sevenly

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As a part of its Social Media marketing strategy, ‘Sevenly’ uses social influence to raise awareness for charities and nonprofits. The strategy also helps the brand to raise awareness for itself.

Sevenly inspires people to donate to the cause by sharing via social media. Also, as another strategy, every week Sevenly teams up with a new charity for 7 days.  They create a brand new design promoting the charity and ask people to donate through their purchase. The design is slapped on T-shirts and then, the t-shirts are sold out from website. For every shirt they sell, Sevenly gives $7 to the charity.

2) Plated

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Plated is a meal delivery service supplying buyers with fresh ingredients, which they can then use to prepare meals. The brand provides its customers ways to make mouth-watering recipes through its YouTube channel.

Also, by following its Twitter account, you can learn everything right from preparing delicious meals to how to photograph them.

3) Folly Theater

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Kansas City’s historic destination for the Performing Arts, Folly Theater took upon different strategies to lure its younger audience.  It started allowing audience members to keep phones on during the show. The introduced app encouraged audience to create their own interactive experience by sharing everything during the show.

4) Burger Revolution

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Burger revolution’s strategies are effortless and effective. The brand keeps users informed on the number of remaining burgers for the day.  This highlights specific burgers and creates a sense of urgency.

It also posts one of its users’ comments as a “comment of the day”.

5) Airbnb

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Airbnb has always received lots of attention on behalf of its marketing tactics. Its short film ‘Hollywood and Vines’ has proven to be an exemplary example.

The brand reached out on Twitter for six days by tweeting a ‘shot list’ and asking users to shoot one of the shots in the list.  Users would follow the director’s instructions for a given shot and then share it.

For shots that were chosen, Airbnb offered $100.  There were more than 750 submissions of which, about 100 were used in the short film.

The film got wide exposure and attention even including that of actors like Adam Goldberg and Ashton Kutcher.

6) Thinkable Digital

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The marketing agency Thinkable Digital knows how to leverage upon Social media contests and so comes up with those that are entirely unique.

The brand had run a contest “Guess the Campaign” on its Facebook page and required fans to identify the brands behind various popular social media campaigns. The contest worked as a great way to increase brand’s engagement quickly as it was exceptional offering winner a full social media evaluation.  Additionally runner up was to be given a Twitter evaluation from the company, and the third place was to be featured on the Thinkable Digital FaceBook page.

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