Every year we learn some new PPC tactics.

So, what would be the newest inclusions in 2019?

In this article, you’ll find 6 best PPC practices to adopt for 2019.

1) Add use of Scripts to Your Strategy

PPC experts can go for automating repetitive works in their Google Ads accounts by including script to their account.

If you don’t have any knowledge about Scripts, go through the articles and learn how to use the script in your Google Ads account.

It will be helping you to save time and earn better results.

A script is the new addition in Google Ads and has not been used much, so it can bring benefits for all those who start early.

You can take Google workshops for this.

2) Focus on Use of Voice Search

The popularity of voice searches are increasing every day and thus can prove to be effective for PPC goals.

But, you need to keep eyes on voice search trends.

If you’re using voice searches, respond to the information searchers are looking for or if there are irrelevant searches, avoid them.

Like any other search query type, voice search also works on keywords.

What you need to do is to make a keyword research and filter relevant keywords to add in your account.

Thus it will help in increasing the volume of voice searches.


3) Budget Distribution Review

When you’re going for PPC marketing, you need to wisely distribute your budget.

PPC advertisers many times forget to reevaluate their budget distribution system.

It would be better to research on small PPC budget distribution and get clues for efficient distribution.

You can take clues from the following points as well-
  • Which campaigns performed well and got positive ROI?
  • Reallocating budget of stellar campaigns to non-stellar ones?
  • Shifting the budget from other channels with less stellar performance to the required one?

4) Re-evaluate & Update Your Report System

Reporting system keeps a lot of importance in PPC marketing.

So, you need to pay attention to this.

Old reporting system will not have an updated format and thus you may not be able to put concurrent data to it.

Google Ads and Bing Ads, both have updated their Overview pages recently. So, whichever platform you’re using, ensure you are checking all relevant updates, whether it is reporting system or anything else.

What goals to keep while re-evaluating the reporting system?
  • Are you still using the old data?
  • Is the information given is useful to take actions?
  • What new metrics should be added to the reporting system?

5) Test New Features

Testing new features in PPC would do great.

A new feature to be added in the next-year PPC marketing strategy is the Audience Network in Bing Ads.

The AI-supported feature can help you in the second half of 2018 as well.

But, what’s the secret of its usefulness?

The reason is, it analyzes billions of audience intent signals from Microsoft properties producing eminently relevant in-market lists reaching the searchers when they’re going to make a purchase.

After checking more than 200 in-market categories, you’ll find a list size of the users that will be useful for planning.


6) Give Preference to Mobile Searches

Mobile has been a device which has been given immense preference in online marketing strategy.

Currently, mobile devices are considered for search increase.

Now, it’s time to enhance the mobile ad experience. If you ignore this, you could be wasting paid budgets and losing chances to grab their target market.

How to do this?

Start examining the traffic volume coming from mobile devices used for PPC marketing.

Look at the above-given chart available in the new Google Ads and check out the performance given by device. Bing Ads deliver the same result.

There are 58% of conversions from mobile phones having the lowest cost per conversion.



PPC strategies change to some extent every year.

We have already seen the strategies in 2018 and waiting for some winning ones in the next year i.e. 2019.

Here are some practices that would work eminently in the coming year.

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