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Wondering why PPC ad copy testing is important?

Because, to be successful in your PPC campaigns, you have to create approaches to fuse the new with the old methodologies as these drive huge performance changes in your ads.

Let’s get started…

To do it, you need a strong strategy as driving big improvements in your ad’s performance counting both CTR and conversion.

And, so here are the 6 ad copy tests to help you improve your PPC performance.

1) Long form numbers vs. Short form numbers

When numbers are there in your ads, they become more attention-grabbing.

Including numbers/figures in your ads help prospects decide between the options as they almost know how much they’ll pay for.

But the question that appears is: Which form amongst these two, your target audience is responding?

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Numbers spread a message that your brand is trustworthy and so, are important.

Using different manipulations of numerical values in an ad copy is a great technique for grabbing attention and differentiating your ads.

2) Add, modify, and Remove Pricing

Including prices in your ads can either help users to make a speedier choice as giving them the information they have been looking for or can turn them off by reminding that they need to spend money.

So, how could one know the approach working best?

There is a simple answer; by testing.

After running a few tests, you’ll get to know how your customers respond to your efforts.

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3) Testing your Headline 2

Headline 2 is a considerable way to grab a searcher’s attention and you should use it in a way evoking emotions from the reader.

When you test multiple variations of Headline 2, it enables you to dig out which benefits users respond to most positively. And, this is exactly the information you are looking for.

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4) Test the first word in your CTA

The way you ask prospects to attempt your offerings or trust your name i.e. your language is truly important and so, is writing CTAs.

The first word in your CTA could be the essential factor as holding the possibility to make a positive or negative impression of your ad.

And, as different people show different reactions to every ad, testing different first words (being verbs) in your CTA, can let you find the one converting high.

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5) Testing “punctuation”

Punctuation is important and the way it is used in an ad copy can give some particularly significant advice on which types to use and importantly, how often to use.

An analysis of 612 top performing paid ads by WordStream discovered that “42 percent of ads used exclamation points while just 11 percent used a question mark and even fewer used a dollar sign.”

The opportunity here is to test the use of punctuation i.e. question marks, percentages, etc. are worth investigating and when allied well with the use of emotion, drive incremental performance.

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6) Testing Landing Page Variants

Testing Landing pages is an integral part of online marketing as giving your target audience a chance to choose, whether they should interact further with your business.

There are different landing pages tests available within AdWords and you can play out these without causing any change to your website.

Try using multiple variations of ad creative to know which one converts better.

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Remember, testing different ad copies is an extraordinary approach to improve your account performance; yet you must be somewhat considerate. When finding a winning copy type, use it on prior and when finding a non-performing one, get rid of it immediately.

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