A/B testing denotes comparing two different variants of a web page for evaluating which one is better performing. The two web pages can be shown as variants to the same set of visitors simultaneously. The variant giving better conversion rate is chosen. Every business wants the visitors to convert into buyers or something else. These may include:

  1. eCommerce websites aim at making visitors into buyers.
  2. Software and SaaS sellers want visitors to try and buy their solutions.
  3. News and media centric websites want visitors to sign up for their paid subscriptions.

A/B testing gives measurement of the rate at which visitors are converted. Well-planned and executed A/B testing can enhance your marketing efforts. By conducting controlled tests and collecting empirical data, you are able to figure out which marketing strategies will click for your venture and which are likely to bite the dust! It takes uncertainty and speculation out of decision making process as well. The test’s duration however can vary drastically from one scenario to another.

Things that can be tested in a web page include headlines, sales copy, calls to action, Images and testimonials etc.

Choosing the right A/B testing software for your company

The abundance of online analytics and testing tools may make your task of selecting the apt A/B testing application tough. You have to think of factors like your company size, budget, target customers and expertise level of your team before choosing such software.

Below listed are some of the most widely used A/B testing tools you can pick from:

1) AB Tasty

This is a moderately priced conversion optimization tool that is ideal for A/B testing. This is ideal for those businesses that are taking baby steps in conversion optimization. AB Tasty is not limited to A/B testing but it also lets you try split testing, funnel testing and multivariate testing capabilities. Its visual editor makes deducing conclusions from obtained data easier. The real-time reports eliminate scope for speculation on viability of options. You can actually run tests based on geo-location, URL and demographics. The UI is pretty simple and monitoring tests is hassle free too. The AB Tasty Engage- the library of widgets is useful for the buyers. Another advantage you get by buying it is the responsive and useful customer care service. To validate test results you can integrate Google analytics. The drawbacks include occasional lag in results and basic statistical significance calculator.

2) Adobe Target

Adobe, one of the pioneers in leading drive towards cloud based software now offers feature rich analytics and testing tools for companies relying on online operations.  Adobe Target is one of its kind enterprise tools with extensive testing features useful for conversion optimization. It scores over other software in this segment owing to its automated personalization. You can create the variant, target it based on visitor segmentation, customize your goals to run the test. The software has a self-learning algorithm automatically and continually adjusts to link visitor behavior and content to offer you best possible results. With Real-time content adaptation, analyzing diverse visitor needs become simpler. It is integrated with the Adobe Marketing Cloud. It also lets you test two and more variants through rules-based process like competing products in market.

3) Apptimize

The number of people visiting your company website using mobile devices is only growing with time and you simply cannot overlook their preferences. Apptimize is a feature laden testing tool with focus on mobile optimization. Apptimize offers an intuitive visual editor and lets you create new variants and test them on different user segments. The randomized experiment methodology ensures your tests return only statistically significant results. Apptimize supports the leading mobile platforms, namely- iOS and Android. It also launched Visual Apptimizer and non-developers can A/B test their apps using it. Apptimize comes with dashboard for managing experiments and seeing results real time.

4) Google Optimize

How can Internet search behemoth Google be outside of web based analytics and testing scene? Google Optimize is a free analytical and multivariate enterprise testing tool that can be ideal for A/B testing and it comes with extensive feature set.  It scores owing to solid integration with Google Analytics- giving you useful insight in behavioral insights. It has code editor, visual editor. In terms of reporting UI, it leaves little to grudge about. Google Optimize is aimed at small businesses with limited budgets and enterprise level users can try the paid version Google Optimize 360. Optimize 360 comes with better and additional features including Full multivariate testing, advanced simultaneous experiment, Google Analytics audience targeting.

5) Optimizely

Optimizely is among the most popular tools used for execution of different types of A/B tests. It offers WYSIWYG experimentation tools and those can be used by companies of varying sizes. It lets you execute A/B testing both on desktop and mobile platforms with ease. Installation and ease of use is pretty good compared to most of the rival products. Apart from A/B tests, Optimizely lets you execute other tests and experiments for website personalization. The visual editor is really simple to use and programming background is not a prerequisite to use the tool. However, its experiment result reports tend to be quite basic. What makes it even more alluring to the users is its Pay As You Go option.

6)  VWO

VWO is one of the leading website conversion optimization testing tools and it comes with loads of features. It is simple to use and you can create multiple variations of same web page using the tool rather fast.  You can experiment with elements like text, image, button or ads in the web pages to get insight on their viability. Its WYSIWYG editor eliminates the need to know codes to run and experiment with A/b tests. The software also comes with an intuitive visual campaign builder. Its dashboard makes the need to dig through vast amount of data unnecessary. You can check the performance charts and graphs to know results of each test. Comparing performance of various changes becomes easier, as a result.

Where it all leads to?

There are many other software applications that you can use to execute various A/B tests and learn about suitability of various elements in visitor conversion. It would be a good idea to try the solutions before zeroing in on the right one. Products like VWO can be tried for free and Google Optimize has a free version as well. You also need to think of the target visitors, their demographic and related issues. It would be a prudent idea to try tools that let you carry out a/B tests for both PC and mobile platforms.

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