WordPress is a platform which offers endless utilities to the site owner.

To make the best use of all these utilities, your WordPress website must be integrated with an efficient hosting.

So, it is quite necessary to know which type of hosting is required for the launch of your website.

Here are 5 different types of WordPress hosting that you will need to commence your website as per its size.

1) Shared Hosting

The Shared Hosting is also known as “Reasonable kind of WordPress Hosting” and attributed as the best hosting for beginner bloggers or for the websites which have low traffic. Shared Hosting is also profitable for them who don’t wish to spend a lot on possessing their website hosting.

Actually, a Shared Hosting is the sharing of a web server with the group of hosts or customers. Shared Hosting is the cheapest kind of hosting for a WordPress site. As said, it is for beginner bloggers, it has been made quite easy to use. You can use it for low traffic website, but when your website starts receiving high traffic, your shared hosting will start showing limitation. So, you would need to shift your hosting to an upgraded one.

Although the Shared Hosting is cheap, it also impairs the performance of the website.

If you are looking for a reliable and low-priced service for WordPress Shared Hosting, one can find it with Bluehost which is available in just $2.95/month.



2) Managed WordPress Hosting

Managed WordPress Hosting includes numbers of useful WordPress features. The hosting suits the goals of website owners who look forward to features like automatic update, security, backup and expert WordPress support.

Managed WordPress Hosting is a comprehensive hosting built on different underlying technologies and that is why you’ll see managed WordPress hosting using “Shared Hosting, Cloud Hosting, VPS Hosting and Dedicated servers”.

Managed WordPress Hosting generally takes care of updating your WordPress software, Everyday site backup, configures server-side caching and CDNs and also offers strong security to the website.

You can take the Managed WordPress Hosting from Kinsta and WP Engine.

WP Engine

3) Virtual WordPress Server or VPS

This type of hosting is used by site owners who look for more powerful hosting than Shared Hosting keeping the price economical.

A Virtual Private Server or VPS lies somewhere between shared hosting and a dedicated server.  Virtual Private means you’re getting certain space for your website.  With this type of hosting you won’t “need to share resources and will have more control over your server.”

Many hosting service providers will offer you two types of VPS-
  • Managed– In this scheme, your host “manages” your server.
  • Unmanaged– In this type of VPS, you need to have technical knowledge of establishing your server.

You can find VPS hosting with Bluehost and SiteGround.


4) Cloud Hosting

Cloud Hosting can be used by all website owners because they can manage their resources and prices, both.

In cloud hosting, your website is hosted on cloud architecture rather than any physical server. Cloud Hosting is known for its scalability feature. With this technology, you will quickly be able to add or remove resources. For instance, if your site is having an unexpected traffic spike, you can immediately scale the resources during that spike and come back to the normal when the spike is finished.

Cloud hosting also offers managed and unmanaged hosting services. For managed Cloud Hosting, you can take service form Kinsta and for unmanaged, you can ask to DigitalOcean.

Digital Ocean

5) Dedicated Server

This type of hosting goes expensive but offers great website performance. The hosting is mainly used for high-traffic websites like e-commerce.

A Dedicated Server means you are having your own server and you don’t need to share resources or get dependent on the virtual partition.

With Dedicated Server, you are going to have booming website performance that means the loading of your website will be very fast as well as there will be no navigation or page loading errors as well.

Dedicated Server is also found in managed and unmanaged form. The biggest drawback of this type of hosting is its cost as a cheap dedicated server costs around $100/month whereas a powerful one costs $300/month.

Few good options for dedicated WordPress hosting are Bluehost, Kinsta, and SiteGround.



WordPress websites offer a managed system for showcasing the products and services of a business.  But the performance of the website highly depends on the hosting you choose.

Here are 5 types of WordPress hosting which will help you in deciding which hosting scheme suits the nature of your website.

Hopefully, you will have a great idea for above-mentioned information.

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