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Searching for ideas on how you can use Social Media for your B2B Company?

Social Media has turned into an ever-growing platform for B2B businesses to promote their products and reach out to potential consumers.

An ever-increasing number of individuals are using some sort of social media every day which is the reason it is important to build up a social media marketing strategy, whether it is a campaign shared through Facebook, Twitter, Instagram or even Snapchat.

Here in this post, we have discussed 5 Social Media Strategies that B2B companies can leverage for winning results on Social Media.

1) Try Twitter for Social Listening and Promotion

Twitter proves to be a useful tool for lead generation, brand development, customer service, and social listening.

Consider social listening to personalize whatever you have to offer to your audience. You can offer a percentage off on services or a digital product; give free consultation, workshop, and eBook (related to your niche) and further, after starting a relationship with them, then can follow-up with an email marketing campaign.

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2) Use Facebook Targeted Ads

When you use targeted ads on Social Media, it helps you get more eyes on your posts by your target audience. The right ad causes revenue growth and so, is powerful.

Try to run simple ads offering discount or freebies, or a comment-to-messenger Facebook ad and follow-up them via Facebook messenger.

Consider focusing on a unique aspect as there remain many offering discounts amid promotions; this will keep you on top of things.

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3) Promote offers on LinkedIn

Studies say that, 80% of B2B leads come from LinkedIn and it’s been found that the platform is 277% more effective for lead generation than Facebook or Twitter.

LinkedIn works exceptionally to find qualified leads and so, you should consider options around. You can send an offer via direct message, publish an article with a call to action, or publish status updates including the link.


4) Create a YouTube Campaign

Considering the growth in number of online videos viewers, it’s been predicted that video will account for 79% of global internet traffic in 2020.

Use videos on Social Media channels including YouTube and draw effective results. Consider creating a YouTube campaign that people want to share. Make it quick and engaging, and not overly-promotional, leading to more & more people sharing it further.


5) Use Instagram Stories

It’s great to engage in real-time with your prospects and B2B companies can leverage Instagram by using the Stories function creating interactive and engaging stories.

Stories catch attention as they are short and instant. There is no limit to the sort of content you can deliver and so, you can leverage Instagram’s power to make some extra sales and promote awareness for your brand.

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