For last few years, Twitter has been helping marketers in many ways be it increasing the brand awareness, serving the customers or generating leads. One more thing that twitter can help you with and perhaps you didn’t know about which, is generating ideas for content creation.

Let’s see how.

Twitter chats

twitter 1 Participating in a relevant chat by an industry expert will give you a fair idea about what’s hot and what the masses are curious about. Take a note of the questions people ask in the chat as they are more or less similar to that of your customers. Suppose you are in digital marketing industry and need to gather ideas to create content related with digital marketing that would hold the interest of your customers. You don’t even need to host a chat on twitter; simply participating in a chat related with your industry will help with new insights and fascinating quotes to shape your content. That’s not all; you get to learn about so many new things that tend to make you a more different content creator.

Crowdsourced Data and Opinions

twitter 2 Let’s make it easier and instead of following a complicated path to gather ideas for an ultimate content try asking straight up questions to your followers. You can make use of ‘TwtPoll’, a survey tool offered by twitter that allows you to create a survey, for it. Send out the survey containing your questions to your followers. Now when you will write content on the responses that you will receive from your followers or say your target audience, you will actually be answering the questions that they want answers for. Obviously, they are going to find your content interesting and helpful.

Industry Influencers


twitter 3 There is a website called ‘FollowerWonk’, where you can find industry influencers. Try fostering relationship with them so that later on when you need you can contact them for co-marketing opportunities or quotes. You can ask the subject matter experts for tips and advice in your content. You can even crowdsource entire pieces of content. Afterwards, you can promote the content through various means such as expert’s network or your network making the content to reach as far as possible.

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Case Studies of Customers


twitter 4 Your customers are valuable for you and it will be a good idea to include them in your contents sometimes and let them know how much they mean to you. Conduct some interviews of your top customers and mould their experience in to a message that you can put across your audience and prospects. Talk about the challenges that your customers were facing and how they overcome it. It’s kind of a case study you can say. You can often make use of these tweets as an element of social proof in your content and can gain more credibility.

Twitter search

twitter 5 You can easily identify content topics with the help of twitter search by searching for common challenges and issues that your customers and prospects are experiencing. So if you search by the relevant terms you are most likely to get tons of blog titles. Try making use of social mention to search twitter for conversation that are related to your keywords.

These were a few ways you can use twitter to generate ideas for content. So, if you were a little concerned about what to write for your audience that they would love to read, twitter presents you with a plethora of data that you can rely upon.


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