We all want to reduce business expenses! Right? But is that all about slashing cash outflows arbitrarily! Not at all! Ask those who have walked a few miles while running a business, as to how important it is to have a meticulous planning of company finances and expenses.

This is why in this article we are going to talk about how to make your marketing more effective cutting unnecessary costs at the same time. Let’s see how reducing your marketing expenses help you grab more opportunities to increase your overall profitability.

Use auto-responder emails instead of hiring a candidate for emailing


5 Ways to Reduce Your Marketing Expenses 1

“Never let your customers doubt your ability to meet their needs!”

Employing auto-responder emails instead of hiring a candidate for emailing will not only help you do a more efficient and effective marketing but will also help save a lot of money that can utilize to improve other parts of your business.

You must understand that your customers have become faster than ever and that they want complete and accurate answers in no time, which may not be possible for a human to tackle everything at the same time and respond to every email on time, and if there is a delay customer feels unacknowledged. So, it anyway better to use auto-responder emails so that the customer shouldn’t doubt the company’s ability to meet their needs.

Best part is there are many emailing softwares in the market that not only allow you to quickly respond to all your customers but that they also control all your e-mail marketing campaigns, create customer records and generate service requests, send alphanumeric pages to staff for service requests of predefined high priorities, support multiple e-mail addresses, support predefined business rules ad much more.

Switch to Digital Marketing


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“It can reduce up to 61% on your advertising costs”

Start marketing your business online! And, you know what it’s not that tough if you are yet to fly on digital marketing jet! An effective business blog, a prudent social media marketing campaign, a well turned-out optimization of your website can give you quick results with very minimal costs. Yes! Once your marketing jet has taken off and is on the right way you can jump on other digital marketing bandwagons whenever you want and reap a better ROI.

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Affiliate Programs


5 Ways to Reduce Your Marketing Expenses 3

“It is a wonderful way to cover a large part of internet space at very low cost with a very little effort by you!”

Affiliate marketing has become an effective technique that many ecommerce websites are employing for continued sales and growth. Being the affiliate advertiser, you hold the rights to decide how much of the sale will you be giving to those who publish your content. The point to be noted here is that lower percentages might impact the quantity of individuals who want to post your text and banner advertisements. There are so many affiliate providers who charge a small amount of money on top of the commission that they get from the publishers through sales tracking your website. So, you only pay if a sale happens.

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Use social media marketing


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“Increase brand visibility and hence get more leads at lower costs!”

It is as obvious as that posting something on Facebook or tweeting something on Twitter will be more cost effective than running a paid ad or mailing thousands of marketing pieces. So, you can effectively employ social media in place of other paid channels to accomplish the same goals. However, social media also proffers you with some advanced advertising tools which are although paid but they allow you to run a marketing campaign that is both keyword- and demographic-specific so that you get best returns on each penny you invest.

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Go paperless!!


5 Ways to Reduce Your Marketing Expenses 5

“Physical hoardings and pamphlets are expensive”

Its true print can never be dead completely but it’s also a fact at the same time that it’s a cost hog. Scaling it back isn’t a big deal if you have decided to get rid of those heavy expenses of print work. You just need to make sure that you do not print unless it’s extremely required, transition to a digital invoice and bill payment system, fill all important information or formalities on your computer instead of a file cabinet and you would not just be able to reduce some of the most common recurring business costs but things would also become more accessible, less time taking and easy to handle. So replace print with electronic and make use of relatively inexpensive email campaigns instead of expensive direct mailers, provide PDF versions of catalogs and brochures and reduce print runs. That’s it!


The financial picture might seem very rosy or grim for your business but an approach to maximizing efficiency is never a bad idea. A careful allocation of assets, commitment to responsible spending and focus on ROI will not only help you cut costs but also build a business which is more equipped to compete in the modern market place. Hence, reduce your business costs every day with the help of these smart decisions and adopt a “business cost friendly” mindset today. The sooner you do, the better it is!

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