Do you know the algorithm of social media channels keeps changing?

And if you’re a business or brand, this would really vital for you know about such changes.

Well, we’re not going to discuss algorithm anyway, but yes, this is something that will go along with our main discussion.

Here, the topic is Instagram, branding, and use of specific resources to achieve the goals.

The article will discover ways to extend your Instagram reach. Here are the points-

1) Ensure you’re cross-posting your content

Cross-posting means posting your content on more than one location, so more promotion and more branding can be expected with this procedure.

Therefore, it’s a top-notch tool for extending Instagram reach.

Instagram automatically allows you to publish your content on social platforms like Facebook, Twitter, and Tumblr, for starters.

Instagram 1

Cross-posting Instagram content to Facebook, in particular, is fairly common practice. Check out this recent post from Starbucks’ Instagram…

If you look across the social media world, you would find cross-posting of Instagram content to Facebook is a common practice.

See this example of Starbucks-

Instagram 2

And how it decodes directly to the likes of Facebook.

But, you need to remember that everything shouldn’t be cross-posted. You surely don’t want your social feeds to look similar.

Instagram 3

There’s also the fact that optimization varies from platform to platform when it comes descriptions and hashtags.

The algorithm varies from channel to channel when it comes to descriptions and hashtags.

2) Set your Instagram feed on-site

Instagram is spectacular for every industry, and embedding your content on-site would be a great move.

For starters, customer’s photos like user-generated content ensure improved conversions. Embedded feeds offer two opportunities at the same time, one is to get compelling visuals and another is that it works as strong social proof.

Of course, extending your Instagram reach doesn’t mean only promoting your Instagram feed.

Extending your Instagram reach is not only about promoting your Instagram feed.

Take the example of ThinkGeek which embedded their Pinterest feed in lieu of Instagram. Embedding depends on the layout of your site. As long as your Instagram is acclaimed to you, you can filter that Pinterest audience back to Instagram.

Instagram 4

3) Come up with your static Stories

Instagram and its Stories are making noise all these days. There would be no better platform than Instagram for a business these days.

Remember, Instagram keeps stories static on your page even you’ve published the stuff. As such, publishing continuous stories ultimately works as a secondary video channel for your brand. Instead of using your stories like a “one-and-done” affair, you can go for using your sound storytelling content as a tool for attracting new followers.

See this example of Uniqlo doing static stories-

Instagram 5

A Story-dominated presence ensures your potential followers that your account is an active and deliberate piece for engagement. This compels more audience to follow you, especially in video content era.

4) Make good use of IGTV videos

Talking about the visual or video content, the launch of IGTV further speaks for brands to proceed with video bandwagon for bolstering Instagram reach.

The IGTV is relatively new, and as such Instagram is pushing the platform really hard right now. It acts as another place for brands to come with great video content and that is quite similar to YouTube videos.

IGTV may be new, but it has been that its followers translate to your regular account. More to this, the platform enables the account holder for heavy tagging and links to get more attention to your Instagram content and promotions alike.

Instagram 6

5) Run your best posts as ads

Along with Stories and IGTV videos, Instagram keeps bringing new features for its ad platform.

As brands are losing organic reach on Facebook like popular channel, there’s a reason why they find various Instagram ad types as Canvas and Stories to reach new followers.

While an ad campaign shoots out may be risky, you can, therefore, use your own content to start with. If you have a nostalgic post, why not to use it as an Instagram or Facebook ad?

Knowing the platform’s ultra-sonic targeting parameters, you can get overloaded with ads and that keeping your budget limited.

See the example-

Instagram 7


Your brand may always look for more and more followers, and that is quite possible.

This can be done if you know the hacks.

This article is full of extending Instagram reach hacks and hopefully work for you.

So, what are you waiting for?

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