5 Ways ‘Customer Uploads’ in PPC Campaigns can be used 01

Customer upload lists an old, but underused feature in PPC.

Uploads are not meant only to “customers”.

Customer uploads are meant to any section of your ideal customer pool which you’ve personal information for revolves around an email address.

Depending on the audience of the list, there could be numbers of different purposes inside PPC accounts. Here are the top five of them-

1) Users to Be Prohibited

The first point would hinge around customer exclusion. Therefore upload a user’s list which is not in your target zone.

You can consider the following sorts of groups-
  • Employees
  • Family Members
  • Clients/Bosses
  • Unhappy Customers
  • Existing Customers

You wouldn’t like to pay for clicks which you can’t turn into end-customer.

To generate the lead, what you actually need is the person’s information. This is why, when you’ve got that information, you can exclude him or her from your lead generation efforts as you won’t like to twice for the same information.

2) Audiences to Target

On the other hand, there could be a possible time when you would go for specifically targeting your customer upload list. This would include any number of users-

  • Your program subscribers getting a special discount
  • People using few, but not your complete services
  • Consumers would proffer a referral program to

Having these lists of users alienated from others would reveal that you’ve dedicated ad copy, campaigns, landing pages so that you can speak to them and that makes the most sense.

3) Audiences for Observation

Like the aforementioned audience, there could be a possible chance you might go for targeting an audience, just to check their performance in relation to your regular audiences.

The group of such an audience would be-
  • Previous purchasers
  • Newsletter Signups
  • Dormant accounts
  • Lapsed accounts
  • High revenue accounts

We check these audiences when we’re interested to know about audience engagement from diverse user groups.

It would be a good step to search for any groups of the audience in your CRM that could be outliers. Make another list for them and upload that list into the platform.

Now, we’ll keep them as “observation only audiences” to our search campaigns.

Steps for this procedure
  • Click on the campaign where you want the audience to apply.
  • Then click on Audiences in the left-side navigation.


  • After that, click on the blue pencil icon appearing on that page in order to add an audience.
  • Next, to that, you can choose either you want to add the audience at the campaign or ad group level.
  • Then, set your targeting wheel to Observation.


Once you keep on adding new groups in the list, you can go for creating separate line items for each of Observation audiences.

There will be separate line items to adjust bid modifiers up or down for those specific users.


Now, you can analyze how each of them performs against each other, and also to the users who are not mentioned in any of the lists added as observation layers.

4) List to be Used for Modeling Purposes Only

Almost all platforms having a customer upload option bags some form of Lookalike modeling in their targeting options.

So, it won’t be good to leverage it?

The Lookalike model will have-
  • Your complete customer base
  • Consumers with revenue more than $500
  • Repeat buyers
  • Consumers with specific job titles

You definitely can’t take these models like perfect, but they can be vital for you at some point.

5) Customer Uploads for Insights

This is the least used option among all five.

Google Ads avail option to upload a list of users and further know their insights into their make-up.

Go to the Account Insights tool available on the upper left of the Audience Manager tab.


Then choose from any sort of audience.


Lastly, review how it performs against a number of the target options on the GDN that includes demographic information and Affinity & In-Market segments.



Customer Upload options can prove to be valuable for PPC campaigns.

Here are 5 options you can upload and use in your campaign program.

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