Want to promote your YouTube Content?

You must be wondering how Google AdWords targeting can help?

And, to give you answer of that, here DSIM has brought an article including 5 ways Google AdWords targeting can improve delivery of your YouTube video ads and let your audience see your YouTube content.

Let’s find out how to use Google AdWords to promote your YouTube videos:

1) Placement Targeting

When you use placement targeting in your Google AdWords video ad campaign, it lets you show your video ad on a specific YouTube channel or video. This works effectively for promoting your YouTube Content encompassed by an AdWords video campaign.

In case you are not getting the desired results, you can try a different YouTube channel or video for placement targeting.

How can it be done?
  • Create a new ad group and then, copy and paste the video ads from your original ad group into the new ad group with the new placement targeting.

There are other possibilities too which you need to consider to let your ad appear.  Taking care of your bid is another aspect; you might need to increase the bid for your ad to appear on a popular video or channel.

To see where ads showed:
  • You need to select the campaign. Then, click ‘Placements’ in the sidebar on the left and on the screen that appears, click the Where Ads Showed

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Here, you can see how your ads are performing for different placements.

In case, you want to know how your video ads have been performing with different targeting options, you should go ahead for creating multiple ad groups with a different targeting option for each group.

And, further to make it easier to simplify the work of setting up the same ads in multiple ad groups, copy and paste the ads from one ad group to another.

2) Audience Targeting– Based on Life Events

It has been found for some businesses that when they come up with audience targeting based on specific life events, they collect successful results.

To understand, if a local florist is having a limited reach and he/she wants successful ads, targeting an audience with the Marriage life event will definitely work.

How to target Audiences Based on Life Events?
  • In the ‘Audiences’ area, select Intent and Life Events.


  • Further, select the Life Events option. From there, you can select the checkbox for marriage (and too for available options depending on your needs).

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3) Custom Affinity Audience Targeting

Before taking a jump into how to do it, let’s know what is Custom Affinity Audiences Targeting?

Affinity Audiences

Affinity audiences are built for businesses currently running TV ad and want to expand the reach of that campaign with an online presence for an efficient price.

Custom Affinity Audiences

With custom affinity audiences, advertisers can create audiences that are more tailored to their brands, compared to broader, TV-like affinity audiences. Custom affinity audiences are created by using a combination of:

  • Interests entered as keyword phrases
  • URLs to create interest categories based on the content of the website
  • Types of places that people are interested in, or
  • Apps that an ideal customer might be interested in. This doesn’t mean that your ads will show on the apps you specified, but rather to users that have similar apps on their mobile devices. For example, if you enter Google Fit, AdWords will find users that have fitness-related apps

For brands having a well-defined audience, creating a custom affinity audience works.

With Custom Affinity Audience Targeting, you can define your audience based on a more complex set of criteria, including topics of interest, URLs, and mobile apps.

How to create it?
  • Open the Audiences area of AdWords and select the Affinity option.

image 4 8th march

  • Next, scroll down to the bottom of the list and select Custom Affinity Audience.

image 5 8th march

  • Further, in the window that opens, you can define the audience criteria.

image 6 8th march

4) Language and Location Targeting

In case your audience includes people who are multilingual or speak one of many languages, you can refine your content delivery through Language and Location Targeting.

If your YouTube videos need to reach people who speak more than one language, you need to refine your location or language targeting. Create separate campaigns while running AdWords video ads with a different location or language targeting.

When targeting languages, in most of the cases, it’s the best option to target all languages (the default).

Language targeting works depending on a person’s Google interface language and so, you should focus on location settings to reach people who speak different languages.  Further, you can promote geographically relevant ads in the languages of the area or areas you’re targeting.

To see the geographic locations where your AdWords video ads are currently being shown:

  • Select a campaign and then, click Locations in the left sidebar. Next, click the Geographic Report tab and select either Geographic Report or User Location Report.


As here you must have founded data of where people seeing your ads are located, you can further, refine your location targeting strategy.

5) Keyword Targeting

Incorporating Keyword targeting helps you optimize your ad spend.

Targeting a video ad based on keywords let it appear based on words or phrases related to a YouTube video or channel.

How to do it?

To do keyword targeting for your video campaign, you have to research and find out the best keywords for your product or service.

You can use AdWords Keyword Planner yet also try other keyword planning and research tools such as, Buzzsumo, etc.

How to access the Keyword Planner in AdWords?
  • Click the Tools, Billing, and Settings icon in the top-right corner. Next, look for the Planning section and then, select Keyword Planner. 

keyword planner

The Keyword Planner will open in a new tab. Select the option labeled Search for New Keywords Using a Phrase, Website, or Category.

Here, you can enter details that help the Keyword Planner make useful suggestions. You can begin with entering your product or service, your landing page, and a product category.

Further, move to the Targeting section and by means of suitable settings, get the most relevant suggestions.

AdWords video ads help you promote your YouTube videos to your ideal audience and further, based on placements, life events, affinity with certain websites or apps, location, and keywords, you can bring successful results for your business.

keyword planner 2

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