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While you are busy growing your customer base it’s important to not to forget the value customer retention offers because the key to growing is to acquire new ones and keep the existing ones. So, if you want to save yourself from the situation where you are on a hamster wheel, sweating hard but not going anywhere. Then, start incorporating the strategies with the help of which you can retain your customers.

Below in this article, we have outlined 5 strategies which are not much used by the marketers but can effectively improve customer retention.

1) Provide practical support

A proactive response is always better as your customer feels valued, so always try to provide anticipatory service to your customers. Anticipatory service is a proactive approach towards the problems that are likely to occur and solving them before they occur.

For example, a corporate billing department sends alerts to the customers when their invoice is due. So, this way you save your brand from giving your customers negative experience and hence they remain connected with you.

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2) Leverage Positive Social Proof

By displaying social proof in your mails and websites you can easily retain customers. Various studies have shown that by displaying positive social proof for examples testimonials work well for your brand. It is considered to be the most effective strategy to get customers heed to you.

For example, brands display testimonials on their website and in the email templates to show that what the other customers have to say about the products and services they provide. Positive social proof is likely to improve customer retention.

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3) Reward your Customer with Surprises

Small tokens of appreciation are appreciated by one and all. Strengthen your client relationships by rewarding your customer with surprises. You can retain your customers by reminding them from time to time that you value them.

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4) Client communication should never feel like sales newsletter

It is necessary to keep in mind while communicating with the client that you do not sound too desperate or eager to sale your products. If you want to build long-lasting relationship with your customers then give them the time to take the decision don’t rush things up. Because if you keep it quick, then you are likely to lose the customer.

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5) Implement Customer Feedback Surveys

Listening to your customers need is must. Receiving customer feedback is necessary and valuable so that you can improve your products and services. With the help of this feedback, you can retain your customers. And, you can also take actions to improve customer experience before it’s too late.

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So, now use these less used above-mentioned points to improve your customer retention strategies. Test these strategies to keep your customers as retaining old customers is very essential. And, before testing these measure your previous retention rate and then measure your improvement.

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