In the world of marketing, it appears there are always new tools, tips, tricks, and trends to discover and integrate into your marketing strategy.

Thanks to the tools available, you can share together a stable marketing strategy without a huge marketing budget.

To help marketers save time and get more done, we’ve listed 5 tools here in this article; these are the ones you must know:

#1 Zuant


Zuant is a cloud-based lead capture platform designed for managers, sales, and marketing executives to qualify, capture, and follow-up on leads at tradeshows, events, and exhibitions.

The native app for iPad, iPod and iPhone can be used with or without an internet connection.

With this tool, users can capture lead details from event badges or business cards, qualify leads with customizable questionnaires, present literature and capture leads’ product interests.

Key features of Zuant

  • Customizable ‘thank you’ emails
  • Barcode & NFC scanning
  • Offline access
  • Real-time reporting
  • Third Party Integration
  • Drag & drop integrations
  • Data manipulation
  • Lead data capture & transfer
  • Lead distribution



#2 inFlow


inFlow software is an all-in-one inventory management solution designed to track products, sales, and customers. Their aim is to help SMB’s to save time and stay organized with their inventory, orders, and customers.

The solution is used by a variety of businesses, including retailers, wholesalers, e-commerce companies, government agencies and healthcare firms.

Key features of inFlow 

  • Product catalog
  • Barcode scanning
  • Inventory tracking
  • Purchase orders
  • Customizable reporting
  • Serial number tracking
  • Reporting & Statistics



#3 TrendKite


TrendKite is the PR and media monitoring software to help measure and analyze the impact of brands’ PR efforts across multiple channels. It offers users a set of metrics to measure PR’s brand, marketing, and bottom-line impact with minimal efforts.

It helps you prove your impact, make data-driven PR decisions, and power your digital strategy.

Key features of TrendKite

  • Campaign Management
  • Press Monitoring
  • PR Reporting
  • Article Impact
  • Readership
  • Headlines and Featured Articles
  • Data Visualization


On Request


#4 ConvertPlug rebranded to ConvertPlus


ConvertPlug recently rebranded itself to ConvertPlus. It is the world-class conversion optimization WordPress popup plugin with over 10+ popup display positions, 12+ different visitor behavior triggers & filters.

What can you do with ConvertPlus?
  • Get 1000% more Email subscriptions
  • Reduce shopping cart abandonment
  • Increase social following and shares
  • Promote special products & deals

It offers two variants:


Convert Plus is the all-in-one WordPress Popup plugin that transforms your website into a lead generation dynamo. You can create perfect pop-ups in minutes & start converting your website visitors into subscribers, followers & customers.

How it works?

Key features of ConvertPlus

  • Real-time Analytics
  • Exit Intent
  • Well-timed Popups
  • User Inactivity Trigger
  • Page Level Targeting
  • Mobile Specific Popups


 #Convert Pro


Convert Pro is a great tool and an all-in-one package of features to build a great email list and convert visitors into subscribers and customers.

Key features of Convert Pro

  • Drag & Drop customization
  • Mobile editor
  • Ready-to-use templates
  • Advanced triggers to display timely messages
  • Advanced A/B Testing
  • Advanced filters to personalize message
  • Real-time analytics to track conversions



 #5 LeadCrunch[ai]


LeadCrunch is a B2B customer discovery platform powered by artificial intelligence. It supercharges outbound sales and marketing by allowing faster revenue growth with less human effort.

It is the perfect way to use predictive analytics and big data to dramatically improve sales and marketing results.

Key feature of LeadCrunch

  • Contact Discovery
  • Contact Import/Export
  • Lead Capture
  • Lead Nurturing
  • Lead Scoring
  • Lead Segmentation

How it works?


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