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Need to improve your cost per click for Facebook ads?

From background images to font style, the design choices you make can have a profound result on the overall results of your Facebook ad campaigns.

Using the right images could significantly impact the success of your ads and improve the cost per click!

Here are 5 points on creating B2B Facebook ad images that we can promise will improve your results:

#1 Use bold colors to draw attention

Visuals that include darker & brighter background color get 136% more clicks than the average image.

Earlier, white and off white color were preferred going well with anything related with – buttons, clickable text, and images.

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By using bright and bold colors, your image can stand out from the background as well directing attention to its message and purpose.

Darker and bold colors can convey power, ability, and superiority. So when you present new information, a bold background can associate your message with intelligence to some degree.

#2 Create a clear call-to-action

Facebook offers nine different calls to action types for your ad creative.  Make sure the one you select is appropriate to your brand and goal.

A call to action is also crucial when you want your audience to take action and remain engaged. The clear Download Now message demands an instant response from the person watching your add.

‘AdEspresso’  here with the goal of generating downloads uses the CTA choice, “Download.”

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#3 Choose images that stand out

If you want to get your ads clicked on, you have to grab the users’ attention so that they read your ad. This will come down to your ad’s image. The right image can directly attract the eye and earn you a click.

Therefore, wisely select an image that will stand out from the crowd.

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#4 Include Infographic/charts/data

Images that included a chart or some form of data visualization received 121% more clicks than the average.

The theory is that charts suggest progress or an increase in growth metrics. Charts & data also indicate new research or information. So, when you’re promoting results from a survey, using a chart in your ad visual can add to a higher click-through rate.

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#5 Use very clear fonts (Sans Serif)

Images with left-aligned, sans serif fonts, performed 30% better on average than images with serif fonts. Sans serifs are used to increase the spacing between letters and words to aid legibility.

And, it is used to increase contrast (and irregularity) between different letters to improve identification.

Also, larger text performs better overall than smaller text; the larger the text, the easier it is to read, after all.

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Facebook is a great platform for building awareness for your product or service if you can use its advertising designs to their full potential. This will have a huge impact on the end result.

The tips above are a great place to get started in thinking through your own creative strategies and to increase engagement with your ads.

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