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SEO and PPC are two different online marketing methods, but their association can provide you with better results.


In this article, you’ll come to know about 5 tips that will help you combine SEO and PPC for offering better results.

1) Do Not Include Negative Keywords in Your Strategy

Keywords have always been the power to SEO and PPC as they ideate the structure of the content.

Long-tail keywords help you spot negative keywords that won’t be working for your PPC campaign.

You can check this example-

Internet users searching for “how to make birthday cakes” won’t see your ads for “birthday cakes for boys”.

If you immediately identify negative keywords, you will be able to deliver the right information to your audience and thus will win their minds.

See these negative keywords-


2) Use Your PPC Data in the Best Possible Way

Optimize your best performing ads and enlist the points that are becoming the reasons for success.

Repurpose those elements into SEO-friendly content to bring stupendous results.

For example, put your best PPC texts in the website’s Meta description tag.

You can also track your highest performing CTRs for content network ads and see the topics that are most popular.

Use these elements for making content that suits the nature of SEO.

3) Use Relevant Keywords for Ads

PPC and SEO are addressed for using a different set of keywords, but using PPC keyword data for an SEO plan is not new.

PPC ads provide a tried and true way of testing your keywords.

As PPC ads appear highly, marketers come to know which keywords have been already searched, clicked, and converted.

The ideas help you prepare a better SEO strategy.

Some websites go for SEO over ads, but when they finally decide to start a PPC campaign, they will organically performing keywords.

Combination of SEO and PPC also offer an improved visibility to a website. SEO offers ranking and traffic, whereas PPC boosts the sales.

Use tools like Google Keyword Planner and Ahrefs for searching the keywords.


4) Take Help of SEO & PPC for Brand Building

PPC ads do more than bringing sales for your company.

Be creative and amplify your brand with thoughtfully prepared PPC text and converting blog posts.

Fascinate your ideas and expand your branding with rightly created PPC text and converting blog posts.

Running paid search ads invites just the right people to your website. Don’t worry if users skip your ad at first and move to the next website.

PPC ads invite desirable people to your website and if users skip your ad at first and move to somewhere else, don’t worry.

Keep focusing on visibility. Now the users would know that you’re also available as a considerable option.

People will click your ad as recognizing your brand name has become familiar to them.

Just look at this example:


When a potential customer finds an attractive opportunity, they expect to see it described in detail on the website, so don’t disappoint them.

5) Get Visitors Back to Your Site

Even your SEO strategies have brought the best rank for your website as well as got clients, but it’s still too early to celebrate.

But, those leads can quickly move on and leave your site for a number of reasons.

They may go for comparing your product/services and prices with your competitors, and it would get difficult to get them back.

Grab your visitors and get them back in a polite and welcoming way with remarketing.

If you see, an average online consumption is about 5 hours per week on shopping sites. Most users won’t remember your site after one or two visits.

You can apply convincing tricks to get them back like offering discounts or some rewards through ads. This acts as a good opportunity for your website to get more clients.

It is much easier for the user to click on the ad than to search for the desired goods again.

It would be an easier task for users to click on the ad rather than searching the product again.

Add your SEO and PPC methods to make your visitors go back to the site and complete their purchase.


SEO and PPC are two different online marketing techniques and strong in their respective manner.

Combining both of them can prove to be more useful to a marketer.

Here are mentioned 5 tricks that would give better results after combining SEO and PPC altogether.

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