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There is a lot of content published in a matter of moments on several social media platforms.

And, it’s nothing unexpected that capturing your target audience’s attention could be so difficult. This informational marketplace is actually crowded and to survive euphorically, you have to emerge.

And, visual content is one such surefire approach to reach out and seize people’s attention.

Victorious brands are regularly successful because they comprehend the significance of visual to their social media design and so, we’ll discuss about noticeable imagery that plays an essential role in improving your reach to your target audience.

Here are 5 awesome social media design hacks to help improve your post’s engagement drastically:

1) Picking up a distinctive color combination

“90% of snap judgments made about products are based on color alone.”

Color is a significant part of brand identification and plays an integral role in setting the visual tone of the content.  It works to set the mood, form an atmosphere, express emotions and also stir up powerful individual experiences.

Trust the fact; the better the color combination is and the more emotions it expresses, the better the chances of social media images creating a perpetual impression on their audience.

Every color drives a different emotion and so, you should use it in view of that.

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Simple Takeaways:
  • Color: Used to convey emotion
  • Supports a certain personality
  • Sets the mood & atmosphere

2) Showing off  key information

Do you have some data, information or figures you need to post about? Or, possibly you have an energizing deal or event happening now? Use all-around planned visuals to catch your audience’s attention.

Essentially posting data and not outwardly advancing it won’t go anyplace.

There are a lot of ways, you can go for.

Well, there are a lot of ways we can go about this. Get the high ground on your typographical hierarchy and form imagery that supplements what it is you’re talking about.

You need to get however much consideration and clicks as could be expected. And you can do this with an image that highlights the right snippets of information, and reflects your message insightfully.

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3) Keeping it simple

“Keep it simple” is a pretty widespread piece of design advice across the board.  So, if you really wish to create some truly engaging content; make it quick & easy to consume. It proves effective in consumers’ engagement.

Majority of individuals prefer to receive information in a short and sweet manner without any sorts of complexities involved.

Check out the example below as Nike presenting simple images with least type to form supercharged pieces of motivation.

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The best thing is that simple design makes content way quicker for you to create, and by breaking down information into separate posts, gives you plenty of content to post.

4) Conquering your typographical style

You want to bring your social media image to life, selecting the perfect font can work seamlessly.  It also causes a big impact in terms of how the design is perceived by individuals and, eventually, the message your brand sends across.

Though, when selecting which font or fonts to use in your design, consider the readability aspect.

Listed below are a few pro-tips for using fonts:

  • Limit to 3 typefaces
  • Traditionally, serif fonts are best for print and sans-serif for web
  • Use Kerning for impressive titles

And for those that are curious about other typography terminology, this nifty infographic will help!

In case you want to have other details, see the infographic below:

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5) Including strong calls to action

Talking of an effective call-to-action, it needs to entice your audience to make a move to purchase/consume your product.

However, a good call to action isn’t just about the words used; most importantly you are supposed to complement that call with an appropriate and effective visual.

A call to action should be engaging. It should make you think about yourself, the brand and the product; you can achieve this through visuals and written copy. Find an emotional angle and use it to call your audience to action.

This example from 1-800-Flowers has a simple image; some handwritten types giving this call to action a personal touch. A super-engaging and effective image that can appeal to just about everybody!

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It should be realistic too and, a good call to action should be unique. Make it unique, maybe a little funny, thought-provoking and creative.

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