There are two important things in video marketing, one is making and another is exposure.

Even though you’ve an amazing video, but are unable to fetch to the required number of people, then review your strategy.

In this article, you’ll find 5 ways to get more and more exposure to your videos.

1) Pick the right video platform

There are various platforms where you can start playing your videos. But, what is important here is the selection of the right platform. It could be Facebook, Instagram, LinkedIn or YouTube.

If you choose Facebook:

Post your videos that are focused on current trends or news. Facebook is the platform where you will find different promotional videos for a new product on regular basis.

You can choose Facebook if you have news delivering videos in your bucket.

Video 1

If you choose YouTube:

You need to post continuously high-quality videos, better say at least once or twice a month. This video would only one of the many videos your audience would see on social media.

You can use both the platforms by posting a preview of the complete video on Facebook to lead your audience to YouTube for the full version.

Employing the tactic will ensure that Facebook is not going to hide your YouTube content from the user’s feed, but you can still drive traffic to your  YouTube channel.

In between all these activities what you need to do is keep your video preview short.

2) Use recommended language

Use a proper language to communicate with your audience.

When you create a video, you add titles, captions, call to actions and hashtags. If you know when and how to efficaciously use these features then it will get more audience to your videos.


Use SEO-friendly title in your YouTube video so that it could easily be found on the search engine. Add relevant keywords to the title that are most searched as well.


Captions come to the action for Facebook or Instagram videos as they allow you to tell the theme in minimum words.

Captions offer you an opportunity to insert some humor or something casual you might write in the description of YouTube.

Facebook 2


Having a call-to-action button in your video’s description or caption box can turn the game.

A suitable CTA will make your audience know what action to take on the video.

3) Next in the Row

After following the above-mentioned tips, few things are still left that can help you improve your video’s exposure.

Ensure your thumbnail is visually exciting as well as you’ve tagged relevant pages.


Visuals are intriguing, and, eye-capturing, so capturing a striking thumbnail photo for your video becomes vital.

See this great example of a thumbnail-


Tagging helps your existing as well as targeted users, help them discover your video anywhere and anytime.

It would always a smart decision to tag people, places, and brands involved with your video.

Tagging will get you 10x more video sharing to their followers.

4) Use Sponsored Content and Facebook Ads

If you want more exposure to your video, it would be great to sponsor it on Facebook or upload it as an ad.

Social media ads take some time to see which target audience, locations, and key interests are working and which are not.

As per your budget, you can go for testing different versions of ads including caption.

This marketing tool may work effectively for your business.

5) Constancy

If you find your video doing great among your audience, keep the flow going.

Constancy is the key and you should post the videos at the regular interval. People watch videos and they represent 74% of all internet traffic.

So, what are you waiting for!


Videos are certainly a strong marketing resource, but a lame video won’t get you desired results.

Here are 5 tactics which will get more exposure to your videos.

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