With eye-popping user growth statistics, user-friendly postings and interaction option, Instagram now has earned a great reputation in the forefront of social media marketing.

Seeing the opportunities it holds, it has become important to expand your Instagram following.

Let’s take a look at the 5 chosen ways to do it:

#1 Search audience using Hashtags

Using hashtags to find your audience on Instagram is a strategic formula.

Recognize popular hashtags and use them to pick up visibility among your intended audience. Finding the correct tags can take a little research, but when you use the most relevant and broadly used, these bring the best results. You can do it this way:

  • Find your competitors and check what they’re using
  • Use Instagram’s search feature, connect to key terms and phrases and go from there
  • Identify active users in your target and look at tags used by them

You can use Instagram tools like Combin to compile Instagram hashtags important to what you do and represent.


#2 Search audience by Locations and Events

When you know places or events attended by individuals conceivably interested in your offering, it pairs your chances of discovering lots of new potential followers and clients.

Further, channel and sort the results to your benefit and perform liking, commenting, and following actions to attract consideration to your Instagram account.


#3 Search audience among followers

Under the section, you can perform searching by either the followers of specific Instagram accounts or by its commenters. Accounts that you get amid the received search results are your possible followers. Further, follow them, like, and comment on their posts to make them a part of your community.


#4 Interact with found posts and accounts

Searching is an essential part, however speaking with people found is equally important to grow your Instagram audience.

When you like or comment on another person’s content, users get a notification that shows your details. It lets them check out your profile, and, on the off chance that they find interesting matter, they begin following you and this increases the engagement too.

5) Promote your account with the help of Influencers

After you’ve built up a pleasant presence on Instagram posting quality content, share your posts with the help of influencers. It’s an exceptional way to push new people to follow you on Instagram.

Their inclusion in the promoting of your Instagram account will advance up your followers’ scores.

You can sort the results by the number of followers, likes, or comments. Instagram accounts showing up at the very top subsequent to arranging are your potential influencers. Additionally, check their profiles and contact for a possible partnership on promoting your Instagram account.


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