Do you want to promote your brand on LinkedIn?

Then, what could better than LinkedIn video?

This article will let you know how you can make your LinkedIn video ad campaign.

1) Ensure Who are Your Target Audiences

In every strategy, the first step is to define the target audience and LinkedIn is no different.

Defining your target audience allows knowing the people who mostly interact with your ads and get converted as well. Thus, you’ll be able to make most of your budget.

Here are some ways you can research target audiences:
  • Interact with existing and former clients– LinkedIn is a professional website where different professionals meet for certain reasons. Note down the words your clients use to describe the pain facing before employing the solution.
  • Speak with your CEO and top-ranked professionals to find valuable insights on the client types they want to target.
  • Go through the social profiles of clients and target clients. Track the content shared by them on their social channels, and also blogs and websites followed by them.

See this example-

You can use the interests of your clients as your targeting options.


Add your information to a spreadsheet to use it later on. When you’ve accomplished the procedure, you’ll have a good idea about your target audience.

Using the information to ideate a few audiences to test with video campaigns and checking their performances would be a great idea.

2) Take Guidelines for Creating Better Video Creation

Take the below-mentioned technical guidelines for making LinkedIn video ad

  • Make 3 seconds and 30 minutes of video which is recommended by experts.
  • Video ads must be in a horizontal orientation. LinkedIn doesn’t support vertical video.
  • Make horizontal video ads as vertical videos are not supported by
  • Use 75KB to 200MB MP4 video files.
  • Keep video frame rate below 30 FPS.

For the best results, upload 1440 x 1080; wide 1920 x 1080 videos which are best in the quality.

You can use video editing tools like Pinnacle Studio, Final Cut Pro, and iMovie.


While creating the video, your motive should be to stop the scrolling of the news feed by LinkedIn members and find engagement on your video.

So what to do this-

Make a video ad that grabs the attention of the audience right from the start.

Use graphics, people, and text to tell a story visually.

Remember LinkedIn video ads are soundless, so add subtitles.

Add a clear CTA (call to action) to let your audience what to do in the video.


Once you’re ready with your video ad, create its additional versions so that they can be tested against each other.

3) Set up Your Video Ads Campaign on LinkedIn

Now it’s time to upload and create your LinkedIn video ad campaign.

Make a campaign group in LinkedIn Campaign Manager to store all video campaigns.

Click on the Create Campaign Group in Campaign Group tab.


Now, you’ve to add a group name, set a budget and select a start date and click on Save (All actions will be done in Create a Campaign Group pop-up box)


Open your group and click on Create Campaign to create your campaign.

Click on “Select link for Sponsored Content” on Choose an Ad Product page.


Put a campaign name and click on Next on the following page.


Choose your campaign goal after that.

When users click your ad, you can take them to your website, and collect leads. After selecting the option, click Next.



Click on Next after choosing Video as the ad format.


Now, click on Create New Video and then upload every video you created.


After uploading, go for choosing the video/s you want to promote in your campaign and click on Sponsor Selected Content.


Now, set your audience for your LinkedIn video ads.


Click on the Select link next to Use a Matched Audience option and follow the prompts to target website visitors, a list of companies to set up those audiences.


If you aren’t using a matched audience, you can target specific LinkedIn members by using the targeting criteria available to you on LinkedIn.

You can also target your LinkedIn members.


Once done with defining your target audience, click on Next.

Lastly, set a daily budget and choose a start date for your campaign.


4) Target More Audiences with Video Campaign Replication

Once your ad is running, go for replicating it and it will automatically use the same LinkedIn video ads chosen above.

Here you’ve to change your audience setting to reflect the audiences defined in step 1.

To accomplish this, get your video ad campaign in the list and click Duplicate.


On the next page, click the Duplicate button.

Now, click on the Duplicate button given on the next page.

If you want to edit your replicated campaign, first pause it.

Click Audience button and edit the targeting area.

After doing this click on Activate to start your new ad.


Duplicate this step for the audiences you want to test.

5) Measure Your LinkedIn Video Campaign Performance

Now to assess the performance of your video ads, you need some views and clicks on your video.

1,000 impressions would be better to start the analysis. Measure the average CPC of every ad and campaign. Know which ad and campaign are performing well.



LinkedIn video ads can give you the best results on the platform.

But, before scoring clicks and impressions, you need to know how to create this video ad.

Above-mentioned steps will help you not only creating a suitable LinkedIn video ad, but also measure its performance.

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