Are you a marketer and trying to increase Facebook page likes?

Again, you’re eyeing to take best benefits from the page appeared when users arrive at your Facebook page name in the news feed?

If all these are your objectives, this article is going answer your questions related to Facebook page previews and likes.

Why Facebook Page Previews Important?

Before anything else, you should know why Facebook page previews are important.

You would know that page previews appear when users hover over your Facebook link. This enables consumers to know more about business promotion in their news feed.


Examples of Facebook Page Previews

Your Facebook page previews can also be seen when consumers go through the linked businesses in a personal profile’s About segment. This is how your business would be promoted by your current and former employees.


A preview also appears when consumers go through the pages similar to a page any user just liked. This is a potential method to grab likes from pages in the same category and location as your business.


Why do you need to focus on Facebook page previews?

You should know that a preview is the first impression a potential consumer catches about your business, turning in a like and it could be the last impression as well.

Facebook dedicates Facebook Page Insights tab to emphasize the imperativeness of page reviews.


You should know that page previews can vary depending on the person who sees them. Generally, the changes are slight, for instance, placement of the fan count. Mostly, you can see fan count at the top of the preview.


But, if someone gets likes from one or more friends, the fan count will subsequently drop to show the friends who like the page.


Now, with all such information available in hand, we will proceed to see how parts of pages appear in page reviews and how you can change them.

1) Check Out Your Page’s Name, Username, and Category

Users will be able to see your page’s name, username, and category at the top of the page previews.


You can find all these things on your page About tab. You can customize the information by clicking Edit link.


2) Edit Summary to Add Website Link

After that, you can see a summary of your page and website link on your page preview.


You can go into the ‘About’ tab option and there you can edit the page summary, as well as the option of adding website link, is also available there.


3) Ensure Your Page has CTA and Messaging Options

If you really want that person who is coming across your Facebook preview page should learn more about your brand or services, then you have to avail them with various options. These options would engage them with your business in one or another way. As like including the option of the message on your page and can also set CTA buttons (call-to-action).


To turn on messages, go to your page’s settings and visit the Messaging section.

By simply editing the messaging section settings, the option of the message for any visitor would be open, and you can get instant response from the people when they hover over your page.


Configuring CTA button is also very easy task by simply adding a button or if you have already this out there then, edit it.

4) Make the Most of Reviews and Ratings

To remain always refreshed in the newsfeed, reviews and ratings have a major role to play.

As, users are very active and they feel no barrier to letting business houses and other users know, how they felt about the services.

Before getting into any services, people first go and check the reviews and make up their mind in that ways.

If you are having any local business page, then these ratings are just out there on your web page, even included in the summary of your page.

So, always put an effort to get in touch with the customers out there and collect positive reviews from your satisfied customers.


5) Show up Native Photos and Videos

Visual is way more impactful than the textual ones. So, most of the website pages, Facebook pages include images to attract consumers towards their business.

Whenever you are posting updates about your services and products, make it sure that great quality photos and videos must be lined up on your Facebook page representing your business in the best way.


Thumbnails for photos and videos are shown beneath your page’s summary and website link, reviews, and ratings.



Facebook page preview is surely a great way to make a good first impression on new customers and fans. It also reminds marketers why they like your page and become a fan.

But in midst of all these things, you should know how to strengthen your Facebook page preview so that you get more & more likes and engagement to your post.

Above mentioned are the 5 important steps to optimize your Facebook page preview.

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