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Facebook advertising is one of the popular and prominent marketing methods in the contemporary digital era.

The social marketers keep Facebook marketing tactics one of the top positions in their social marketing strategy list.

Facebook ads undoubtedly boost sales and bring quality website traffic.

But, it’s always important to keep your social marketing skills innovative and make your Facebook ads more efficacious-

1) Gather as Much Audience Data as You can

Audience data help you optimize your ads and scope of returns.

So, it becomes truly important to know about the audience to be targeted before executing the ad.

Remember you’ve to go to your audience, not they will come to you.

The strategy to start is with a broad awareness campaign optimizing the lowest CPC available.

Start with a half a million impressions having a modest expenditure and grab some useful engagement data.

Facebook allows you to upload data like your customer’s email and other information on all of your purchases from the last 30 days.

2) Give More Optimization to Your Targeting Parameters

Audience creation remains the ultimate objective of any campaign.

Focusing on the parameters that build audience base can turn to be profitable for your business.

If you have stringently optimized your targeting parameters, the ad spend would go wasted.

To reduce targeting errors and offer more focus on your parameters, you should make a buyer persona and then upload all of the relevant details into your custom audiences.

Divide your buyer persona based on three metrics:
  • Demographics
  • Psychographics
  • Behavior

Facebook makes it clearer to the next-level-

For example, Facebook helps you spread your target ads and you can target any niche or industry.

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3) Facebook is a Chatting Platform, not Shopping One

Even doing above two practices, you’re not getting your Facebook users converted.

You need to understand the difference between Facebook and Pinterest.

Facebook users are not shoppers, they join the platform to interact with friends and family and share content.

There would have been a number of times when you’ve found a sponsored post but didn’t finalize the purchase.

People may purchase from your brand later, but everyone won’t make the purchase when they click on your ad, especially from a mobile device.

When you find conversions get low, use Facebook lead ads, dynamic ads, and, video ads to get users into your funnel.

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4) Segment Your Ad Campaigns Properly

Your ad creative and messaging would be eligible for certain audience segments only.

In case your ads are getting a good number of impressions, but only a few clicks and even fewer conversions, use A/B split testing.

Use the testing for followings-
  • Messaging.
  • Ad creative.
  • Images.
  • Landing page copy.
  • Audience segments.

Forming separate audiences on the basis of different conversion goals and earlier engagement data can help you make more consumer-focused messages.

5) Not Only Ad Copy, but Upgrade Your Website Also

You received a lot of impressions and people clicked on the link and reached your website.

Even then there is a little or no conversion; then there is a problem with your website or landing page instead of your ad copy.

Your website will have a problem in-
  • Poor UX and loading times.
  • Poor content.
  • Unappealing value offer.

You can track your conversions using the conversion pixel and the bounce rate with the help of Google Analytics.

Here are a few tactics related to landing page optimization to resolve a low conversion goal rate including-
  • Adding high-resolution, but light-weight images and interactive content to keep users engaged.
  • If using CTA, putting a clear CTA containing a suitable offer.
  • Removing unnecessary navigation.


Facebook ads can help you bring traffic, conversion, brand expansion and sales to a business.

But, you need to know the steps which can make your ads more effective.

Here are 5 steps you can use for making your Facebook ads more effective.

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