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Many businesses try to create interesting marketing strategies to build their audience only to have very little return on investment (ROI).

Engagement opens the door for you to build a sense of community with your following. It allows you to develop long lasting relationships with your online community and will help you drive business. It can boost your brand lift by over 300%.

“Valuable audience engagement is all about QUALITY over QUANTITY.”

Here are 5 ways to successfully reach and engage the target audiences that matter most to you.

#1 Find Your Target Audience

A target audience is the particular group of individuals that your business wants to appeal or market to. Content makers must find the apt content that relates to them. For example, if your brand produces arts and crafts materials, marketing to fitness lovers won’t make much sense. Here are things to study when identifying your target audience:

Demographics- Gender, Age, Job, Location, Psychological Traits

Psychological Traits- Personality, Values, Attitudes, Interests, Lifestyles

Share your product & services with the group of people who will most likely enjoy your content will make marketing of your brand messages must easier.

#2 Find the Best Platform

Customers are spending significant amounts of time on social networks. An average individual might only spend 15-30 minutes per day, and several people spend multiple hours each week.

Your strategic marketing plan should include a solid dose of social media along with email and other marketing strategies that reach your target audience.

Social media has allowed people to communicate and interact with each other. But not all social media channels are same. So you need to pick the best platform that works best with promoting your business.

For example-

Facebook is a friend-oriented network that allows businesses to create their own page. They can post pictures, videos, and online contests to engage with the people that like their page. They also offer promotion resources to reach target audiences with a call to action.

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Instagram is a photo-sharing application where businesses need to be very visually appealing. It allows brands to create their own story with pictures & videos, hashtags, and @tags with influential people.

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#3 Engage and Inform Through major Content

Even if your product or service has an advantage over the competition, prospects are not likely to become customers until they’ve gained awareness with and trust in your brand.

Making content more engaging requires truly understanding your audience and the world they live in.

Two keys to making your content engaging: make it from the prospects; and make it timely by offering insight on an issue that’s demanding right now.

Develop an integrated online marketing method that provides full coverage by integrating display advertising, email, search, social marketing, and other strategies that allow you to put significant content in front of prospects at each stage of the funnel. And remember, “Relevancy is the key to good content.”

#4 Retarget to Increase Conversions

Prospects that have clicked on your ads, shared post, or visited your website are already engaged with your brand and have signed an interest in your product. These prospects would likely be measured lower in your marketing funnel and highly qualified prospects.

You can keep your brand, messaging, and offers in front of your target audience members through display ad retargeting; will increase their probability of converting.

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Prepare retargeting campaign; create customized ads based on a specific audience segment defined by a prospect’s interests or demographics.

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#5 How to Hack Engagement Growth

Now, you know how to find out your target audience and understand the various social media platforms, your business can increase social engagement with this very simple 3-step tactic:

Listen: Business owner must take the time to listen and examine the actions of the target audience by tracking their online comments, social media activity, and email subscriptions. So, you can successfully create targeted content and ad campaigns.

Test: Try different types of content and track your responses. Experiment with different designs like videos, pictures, blog posts, and polls to see what gets your audience’s attention the most.

Measure: Check your social media and content analytics to see what is giving you the best results. Track your likes, shares, retweets, and conversion rates. Your metrics are crucial to measuring success.


Identifying your target audience and monitoring online engagement will increase the chance of converting social media followers into paying customers and soon brand promoters!

Remember to listen, test, and measure your content’s performance frequently to create a powerful content curated system that will grow your business every day.

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