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The world of social media and digital marketing is constantly evolving; the tactics which were trending last year may become irritating and grave the very next year.

It’s necessary to change with the rapidly changing environment, if brands and marketers are still using marketing tactics that worked last year on social media, then, it will do more harm than good.

In this article, you’ll get to know what the tactics are that no longer work for social media.

1) Increasing Non-targeted Facebook likes

Non-targeted Facebook likes do not work any longer for your brand. There used to be a time when getting likes on Facebook posts used to be the major goal of marketers: no matter targeted or non-targeted. Investing in getting more Facebook likes will not yield good results for your brand as this tactic doesn’t work anymore.

What to do in its place?

Your goal should be to increase the number of relevant likes because those are the people, if targeted properly will benefit your marketing strategy. It’s important to reach out to the target audience rather than the non-targeted one as that is the audience which matters to your brand.

2) Adding Irrelevant Connections to LinkedIn

There was a time, when adding thousands of irrelevant connections to LinkedIn used to work well for your brand. But now the more people you connect with on LinkedIn, the less valuable it becomes because bigger is not always better.

What to do in its place?

The social networking platform recommends you to connect with those you know in person. The platform follows the philosophy, smaller is better. The outreach process favors quality over quantity. So, include a personal note while sending a request to remind them why you want to connect.

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3) Auto Direct Messages

The times when sending automated direct messages worked were when people weren’t aware that it is an automated system. Sending out such messages is no longer a successful tactic. Many users stop following you when you send an auto direct text after they follow you. One automated marketing tactic on which we need to put an end is this.

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What to do in its place?

It’s better to have meaningful interactions with your followers, so that they feel valued. Obviously, this strategy requires more hard work and efforts but this definitely helps you in to build stronger customer relationships. If they mention your brand, send them a reply personally and this will certainly improve the presence of your brand on social media.

4) Shrugging off content automation

Above we have listed that auto generated text messages don’t work any longer. But this doesn’t mean that automation on social media doesn’t work at all. Social media automation is usually brushed aside but really works well for your brand at times. So, stop shrugging off content automation on social media.

What to do in its place?

If your brand plans out to share blog posts or other content on social media, then you can definitely go with content automation. Organizing content and blog posts for further sharing with the help of tools like Buffer and Crate can work well for your brand. Automating your social media content can save you hours and you could utilize that time in doing something useful.  This tactic helps you to maintain your brand’s identity across different social media platforms.

4-dsim-scheduling the content

5) Linking Influencers into your posts in hope that they’ll share your content

Influencer marketing can be really helpful for your brand but linking influencers into your posts surely backfires. Influencers know what you actually want by doing so there are chances that your efforts may go unnoticed. And it, also makes your content less relevant to the audience.

What to do in its place?

There is no doubt that quality always dominates quantity. If your influencer’s expertise is an optimal fit to your content then there are chances that they will share it. If you have written high quality content then it will benefit the influencer’s brand too and they will promote it on their social media handles. Do not put too many influencers into one post; limit the number of people you link per post so that they feel special.

It’s no secret that social media tactics seem to rise and fall out of nowhere. The key to sustain long-term success on social media is the ability to adapt the changes and latest trends. And, we hope that you aren’t applying these obsolete strategies in your social media campaign.

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