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As Google offering newest & hottest audience targeting solutions, advertisers now have gotten a great set of tools to manage their campaigns smartly. And, so, to drive better synergies with other online channels!

Here, we have brought here the 5 reliable audience targeting tactics you can use in your paid search marketing and take your campaigns to the next level:

1) Your Previous Users & Customers Segmentation                                         

Remarketing Lists for Search Ads, RLSA has turned into a proven effective strategy as supporting advertisers customize their campaign for individuals who have previously visited their site.

You can likewise exclude users who have already converted and offer recent non-converters improved experiences.

Also, other than customer acquisition, SEM plays an important role in retention and loyalty building and is very important if a customer is hunting down your brand after transaction.

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2) Using Other Audience Lists with You

Here, you can use Email Lists, united with Customer Match.

Similarly, you can create audiences for custom campaigns based upon referrers from social media, those reacting to campaigns, etc. While honing the strategy, you can additionally include the segmentation considering date of last interaction with you. This will enable you to tweak experiences of your recent email list subscribers and those who turned a long time ago.

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3) Referring to Site Sections to create lists

Analyze your visitors’ past visits and create paid search campaigns in view of it. You would then be able to induce with substantially more prominent accuracy i.e. who is the user buying a specific product/availing the service.

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4) Watching out Your In-Market Audiences

In-market audiences offer overlaying campaigns with audiences serving as users; vigorously considering buying a service or product and so, becomes the space to watch.  They perform really well for GDN campaigns and beat comparative user’s segments.

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5) Approving an Audience-Centric Campaign Structure

A number of marketing channels sketch their efforts in view of audiences for new customers, returning customers by type and frequency of transaction, etc.

When you set up SEM efforts allied with this segmentation strategy, you drive better outcomes; for customer engagement to budgeting & planning.

Audience Management brings a powerful impact and together, aligned with SEM, they become super effective.

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