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Are you able to stop & stay your audience on Quora, resulting in driving high-quality traffic to? What are the ways and platforms you are using for doing so? If you are unable to get the desired results no matter how hard you try, then you should practice a few of the tricks and use Quora to let more people know about you.

Are you familiar with Quora?

It is a Q & A site where people from all over the world come and share their knowledge and queries. These days this Q & A website makes a big deal; it serves as a most efficient way to generate traffic.

  • The global Alexa ranking of Quora is 159
  • The platform was launched 6 years ago on June 21, 2010

In this article, we will make you aware with the practices you can entail and become a loved Quoran.

1) By Setting up the Right Profile on Quora

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Having a strong, creative and unique presence is essential. You can setup three things on your profile; bio, tagline and area of interests.

  • The bio should be crisp yet informative and explains what kind of business you are into.
  • Having a catchy tagline is must to attract users.
  • If you want to right questions should appear in your news feed, then you need to setup your area of interests accordingly. Subscribe to all those categories which interest you instead of irrelevant ones.

2) Find and answer the questions related to your niche

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The Quora feed displays the questions as per your chosen area of interests and it also displays popular questions answered by the other users you follow. And, if you want more specific questions to answer, then you can go into the categories and answer the ones which are beneficial for your business.

You need to make sure that you provide value to readers through it, so never answer the ones you do not know much about.

It should not be too promotional, if it gives readers the idea that the intention behind it is just to promote the website, then you may lose your potential customers.

To gain loyal followers answer quality and relevant questions and comment on other’s answers too.

  • To get your targeted traffic, answer the most recent questions.
  • Answering the questions with more than 1,000 views, the more number of views it will gain, the more likely your website is to gain heavy-traffic.

3) Always write valuable and interesting answers

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You can link the content of your blog in your Quora answers. By providing link to your blog posts you give more information to your users and get the desired traffic to your website. Providing value to readers through your answers always works well for your brand.

  • Answer questions in a helpful and non-promotional way
  • Use relevant images and videos if required
  • Link users back to your blog post
  • Research a bit before writing answers

4) Promote your website in a right manner

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The right method to get the desired traffic is not by promoting your site directly like ‘refer to my blog’ or ‘click on this link to get an answer to your question’ will leave you with no traffic instead the Quora Moderation team will spam your answer.

So, write a sincere and valuable answer that convince readers and then share a link at the end. This way you will be able to get considerable amount of traffic to your site. A well-researched answer establishes you as a knowledgeable person and people start referring to your answers and site more.

5) Use Google Analytics to track traffic and ROI coming from answers

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You can track that how much traffic you are getting through Quora with the help of Google Analytics. The two things you need to consider while calculating traffic and tracking ROI are as follows:

  • Number of visits on your website through Quora
  • Increase in number of Sign ups
How to track?
  • Open Google Analytics account
  • Go to ‘Reporting Tab’
  • Click on ‘Acquisition’ and choose ‘Social’ from it
  • Then, click on ‘Network Referrals’
  • And then you will see Quora on the list
  • By clicking on Quora you will know the traffic you got on your website through it

With the help of this you can easily get to know whether you were able to smash your goals. And, improve your ways and increase the traffic to your website through Quora.


Now, we hope you have gained the required information to activate your Quora account as it is the platform people like to visit to get the desired information in a precise manner.

So, if you are already using the platform then improve your answers with the above mentioned ways and if you aren’t using it yet, then get started. Always implement something new in every question you answer and do not keep the format of all the answers same.

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  1. I had recently started engaging on Quora and this information will help me with some tactics to improve my answers and how to engage on the site.

    Thanks for sharing this informative piece.

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