Smartphone, smartwatch and computer users remain the target audience of push notifications. And the way, these notifications are leveraging its impact are worthy enough to be added in your marketing goals.

So, what is push notification?

Push notifications are the messages that pop up on mobile devices of subscribers even they’re not targeted or included in your app on in phone.

This messaging system quickly influences the audiences and brings desirable customer engagement and enhances sales.

If you’ve not considered the powerful push notification strategies yet for your business, consider these 5 powerful ones elaborated in this article.

1) Use More Personalized Message

As push notifications are resources of sales generation, you need to be critical in sending messages.

Use a personalized message over a regular push notification. If you send a personal message with the image and relevant descriptions of the product your customer was looking for, the chances of engagement and conversion get higher.

After sending a personalized notification, measure the success rate of your web push notification campaign for the same.

It would be good to measure the success rate of your notification sent. It will help you to draw a broader view of push notification strategy.

PushEngage app helps you create a personalized web push notification in different ways using the personalization API’s and Trigger API ’s.


This app also helps send a personalized notification to a user who left a product in the cart but didn’t complete the purchase.

2) Plan for preference and behavior-based notifications

User’s behavior helps to a great extent while sending a right push notification.

Many marketers use this as a worthy business instrument to get engagement and conversion.

Undoubtedly, behavior-based messaging is crucial and leads to automate notifications without manual intervention.

Although the automated alerts get excessively frequent.

Behavioral targeting is wonderful for re-marketing and app-engagement objectives, but won’t be effective for entire reliance for all categories of information.

To make it more understanding, if you’re completely dependent on automated push alerts as 58% of push notifications are ignored by your subscribers. Such messages help marketers only when they provide users to make an informed choice.

Take this example in consideration- a user chooses to discontinue shopping on Amazon, as he or she didn’t find it worthy. Now, if Amazon sends its “continue your shopping” notification to this user, then it may or definitely irritate him/her.

The automation system can’t judge whether the shopping was interrupted due to any circumstance or willingly discontinued.

The bottom line is don’t over-utilize behavior-based push notifications and give some notice to preference-based alerts too.

See the example of Facebook as of how it provides in-app options to let users select which notification to get and which one to block.


3) Plan for Geo-fencing including push notifications

After preference-based notifications, location-based or geo-fencing alerts are the most popular category.

But, with geo-fencing alerts, there is a problem and that is it can’t be used by every business. Although if you think there is any chance to deploy it, ensure you’re having it.

Geo-fencing notifications are useful in tracking the real-time location of the subscribers to send alerts useful to people located in that particular location.

These notifications enhance user engagement and boost app retention.

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4) Send Notification at Appropriate Time

Like timing is a crucial element in social media, timing is again important in the push notification system.

Therefore, sending notification at the appropriate time, and depending on user context is important.

You may be a customer as well and would have received some notifications at odd times like midnight.

Didn’t you get irritated?

When you’re business, think about these points and if you are targeting globally, set your time zone preference.

A suitable alert ate a suitable time will definitely help in turning a prospect into a full-time customer.

5) Employ Multi-Channel Strategy

A multi-channel strategy would be a great step towards making your efforts more relevant and return-driven.

Along with push notifications, use a series of drip notifications convincing your audiences that they’re at the right place and will be well-benefitted.

Using multi-platform strategy across all channels like Push, Social Media, Email, Search Engine, will help you increase your brand recall as well as conversion rates.


Push notifications are one of the useful yet under-utilized marketing weapons.

There are many businesses which don’t follow above-mentioned push notifications, maybe you would be the one.

Take note of them and use it and they could be your star-performing business strategy.

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