What would you be doing to make more and more PPC ad conversion in the New Year?

You may have set up some goals to excel your revenue through new PPC strategy, but how to achieve them efficiently.

Here are some tips that will bring success to your PPC efforts as well as some practical caveats for you.

1) Use CTAs as per Audience Genre

There is no barrier at using the same ads and CTA throughout your campaigns, but this could hamper your results.

Actually, you’ll have different sorts of audiences and customers in your database, and if you use the same ad and CTA approach. This could ruin your marketing goals as every CTA won’t be suitable for every customer. For instance, digital marketing versus web designing may find different CTAs to resonate with them when anybody searches for a product like courses.



2) Take One Goal & One CTA per Campaign

Multiple goals and respective CTAs in the same campaign isn’t an ideal marketing strategy as you would more hassles to control the budget for more conversions.

When your PPC ads ask for an audience to take action, the job should be easy.

Your ad should not be asking them to take numerous actions in one ad.

You can use an ad extension for this option.


3) Repeat Your CTA

In PPC campaigns, a CTA is your strength. It saves much time of users as well as yours.

So put your message in the main text ads around the CTA and let your consumers know the benefit of engaging.

For instance, if the aim is to generate leads for digital marketing courses through calls, the CTA should be “Call Now”.


4) Use Proper Ad Extensions

The brilliant ad extension available in Google and Bing Ads is a phenomenal place to support and strengthen your CTA.

Here are the examples of CTA-
  • Main CTA: download a whitepaper

Sitelinks: One whitepaper per site link

  • Main CTA: Shop our clearance sale

Sitelinks: product category pages for clearance items


5) Follow the Path

Advertisers can customize paths in the display URL in ads in Google and Bing Ads.

When you’re creating an ad, add up to 15 characters in each field in order to create URL so that it becomes more user-friendly.


4 PPC CTA ‘Alerts’

There are few things to notice in PPC while using CTAs and that is a variety of call to actions is available. If you’re using generic CTAs only, you’re ruining your results.

So, you should know how to use the variation of CTAs-

1) Google Ads, Expanded Text Ads

When you add a third headline, a second description, and extra 90 characters for each ad, you may wrap up the message in these new additional lines.

But, the irony here is that these lines may not always appear.

As such this won’t be a good place to use the PPC ad’s CTA.

In spite of this, use original ad lines, until the new ones are assured to be shown in this ad format.

2) Google Ads, Responsive Display Ads

Apart from making perfect creative in your text and images, also ensure you’re paying attention to CTA details.

You would find a hidden option inside “more options” so that you can choose the righteous CTA button for the ad.

ppc 2

3) Facebook Ads, Dynamic Ads

The default option in Facebook Ads, dynamic ads is “learn more” when there are numerous times that don’t cut it.

If the CTA of the ad text is “register today” leaving a default button that says “learn more” is at all confusing. Consider this to do consistent messaging.

When you completed all these steps, make sure to review the performance of CTA, calculate how much they converted over the period and others.



There are different kinds of ads online, and all of them of vital for business promotion.

But, the module of advertising differs and the types of CTAs to be used also vary.

Here are 5 PPC tips and alerts regarding the use of CTA in ads.

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