Different platforms, different ad features, and some of them match each other and some of them get distinct.

Here in this article is a list of 5 features of Google Ads, Microsoft Ads, LinkedIn, etc.

1) Google Ads Account Notes Panel

In Google Ads, a marketer can add notes for the account using the account notes panel. With this, advertisers can make document changes, do performance observations, and budget changes, etc.

While there will be any changes in the change history, the change history over notes as it is a free form writing section.

The notes panel can also be opened then minimized for easy access as one works in the platform. Notes can be made at the account or campaign level.

The notes panel can also be opened then minimized for simple access as one work inside the platform.

From the All campaigns view, when a note is entered gets referred to the complete account.

From an individual campaign view, the note will be sent to that particular campaign only.

You can find the elusive notes panel under the “More” icon.


2) Search Partners (Google and Microsoft)

A feature which can be forgotten easily is the serving of ads on Google’s and Microsoft search partners. These comprise other search sites which serve ads powered by Microsoft or Google.

For instance, Microsoft now exclusively serves ads to Yahoo search traffic. Although, that data is currently integrated into the reports, so it would be good if that data is separated at some point in the future.

There are two important areas you need to look for digging into the search partners-
  • Reporting- You can see reporting in Microsoft Ads and Google Ads, you can see the performance from the campaign view, or keyword using the “segment” button to break out the performance. Microsoft Ads and Google Ads, both have network data in their report tabs.
  • Settings- In Microsoft Ads and Google Ads, in the campaign settings, you can opt-out of the search partners if you see the performance is poor.


3) LinkedIn Profile Targeting

LinkedIn profile targeting is one of the best new features released by Microsoft Ads, and also the most difficult to find.

This feature allows you to target audiences in LinkedIn by company, industry and job function. Augment bids for the chosen values in those three dimensions. These audiences are “bid only” so they are not going to minimize the available traffic.

This is the set-up from the campaign level:

Campaign- Settings-Campaign targets- Edit target categories- Chose criteria to target


4) Bing’s Multi-Image Extensions

Bing allows you to make text ads visually exceptional by improving it with different images.

The new ad extension of Bing can showcase five images, on the first ad on the mainline only.

As it is a newly released feature, this may not be available to you as of now.


5) Google Display Game Placements

Your Google display campaigns have an abrupt flow in traffic or the results are saving fast.

If you turn off game placements in the account settings will direct ad serving to more relevant placements.

If your product is a game or an app, this would be a perfect fit for an advertiser, but for practically, it is a budget suck for everyone and here are the reasons-

  • People who play games are occupied in a high engagement activity and making some game player notice about ad click is challenging.
  • Game developers try to put ads in easy to click places where they will get accidentally clicked, mostly by children.



As an advertiser, you always want to use PPC ads in the best possible way. This could be done with ease if you know the hidden facts of Google Ads, Microsoft Ads, and others.

Here are 5 hidden PPC ads features of different platforms.

Hope they come to your use.

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