Blogging acts as the finest approach to drive website visitors and convert traffic into sales and leads. Yet, bloggers not having plans to grow their blog or to create content or to gain more leads find it difficult sometimes.

Here, we’ll talk about 5 beginning blogging mistakes and how to fix them. We should know how to have an easier blogging life:

1) Not Publishing Content Consistently

When running a blog, it is required to post regularly. When publishing content consistently, you keep your readers coming back for more.

You can plan your content chart for an entire month. Begin with creating an outline; all together, plan for the content that you want to share on Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram.

It’s important to maintain posting frequency; otherwise, your target audience will be lost. Make sure that you are ahead of your content schedule as it keeps you safe when something unexpected appears or you are busy with other things.

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2) Unwarranted emails with no valuable information

It’s a common and one of the biggest mistakes on the part of newbie bloggers when they forgot to collect e-mail addresses of their readers from the very beginning.

Email addresses keep you in touch with your readers and also, alert them to your new posts on blog.

It’s vital to consider that while holding an email list, not to besiege them. Unnecessary messages are another regular blogging mistake that newer bloggers make.

Tools like MailChimp, CovertKit, etc. can be used for getting free mailing lists.

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3) Using Images with no permission

Using images that you have no consent to use is a mistake. Additionally, deal with the dimensions of the photographs. When using very large images for your posts, your website will take too long to load.

To fix this problem, you can use photo editing software programs like Canva, PicMonkey, and iPhoto which are available online. You can resize images by importing them to the above-mentioned software and resize it to make it equal to the width of your required blog post column.

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4) Not Engaging with your readers

Interacting with your readers is an incredible approach to build a relationship with them as it helps developing crusaders for you.

At the point when not interacting with your readers, it proves to be terrible in blogging. You should set aside opportunity to respond to your readers’ comments.  Make sure replying to each and every comment made on your blog and on your social media channels.

Improving communication lets you increase daily visitors coming to your blog.

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5) Lack of promotion of every single blog post

It’s another mistake when you lack in informing your readers and others about your post. Though, you content is of finest quality, but when not being promoted; nobody will get to know about it. Though, content is the key to your blog, you also have to let your readers know through promotion.

What to do?
  • Email your subscribers: In the event that you have a decent post, make a point to email your mailing posting when you distribute it.
  • Cross promotion: You may ask authors of blogs to promote your blog. This will help you to gain more readers.
  • Social media: Make sure to be present on one or two social media channels and promote your blogs on each of them.


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