Instagram brings instant visibility and takes you to millions of users across the world in a while, but there are certain activities when done reduce your visibility too.

So, it’s important to know what are they; let’s take a look and stop doing those right now. Here we go-

1:  Do not exceed following accounts

#Limit Your “Follow Accounts”

Instagram put limitations on various things and you should know about all of them.

Firstly, it comes with the limit on the number of accounts one can follow on Instagram and the maximum limit is 7500. Once reaching the limit, you’ve to unfollow others to be able to follow someone new.

Secondly, Instagram also restricts the number of people one can follow in a given time period, although a few factors leverage this number. Newer Instagram accounts have lower limits than older ones for following the number of accounts on the daily or hourly basis. The number of people following also contributes to the limit you can reach.

Although there is no clear explanation of the limits on the number of accounts one can follow on the hourly and daily basis. There would numerous pieces of information on the internet, but the reliable news is a limit of 30 follows and 800 follows on the hourly and daily basis, respectively.

Moreover, few of accounts may be allowed to above-given limits, depending on different account factors, basically engagement rate on their account content. But, crossing these limits put your account at risk and your account may be restricted for a minimum of 24 hours.

Like following, there are limits on the number of accounts you unfollow in an hour or day.


2: Do not Exceed Likes per Hour

#Restrict to 350 Likes per Hour 

Now, you should know about the limit of “Likes”. Instagram allows 350 likes per hour. Crossing the limits, your account may be flagged for spam activity and gets restricted for a minimum of 24 hours. If you repeatedly crossed the limits and your account would be disabled permanently.

Now comes “leaving comments” on Instagram posts and again there is no confirmed news for this, else there would be a limit of 100 comments per day. Along with comments, Instagram exclusively mentions that one can’t @mention more than five people in an individual comment and thus, the same comment can’t be posted repeatedly.


3: Do not exceed sending Direct Messages

#Limit Direct Messages to Group of 15 people

In addition to likes and comments, Instagram has restrictions on direct messages. You can send a direct message to a single user or a group of up to 15 people.

Now, every direct message can include up to 500 characters. Exceeding the limit, no more characters will be seen in the text. You’ll have to type the text message.


4: Do Not Exceed Using Hashtags

#Limit Hashtags to 30 per Post

Instagram is clear on the numbers of hashtags to be used in a post and that is 30. Exceeding the limit means your caption or comment won’t get posted on uploading.

It has been seen that people double the numbers of hashtags by putting 30 in the caption and another 30 in a comment. Precisely it can be done, but Instagram will show only first 30 hashtags added to the post.


5: Do Not Exceed Tagging Up People

#Limit Tagging up to 20 People per Post

Instagram allows tagging of up to 20 people in a post, not more than that. Tagging can be done through “Tag People” function available during the upload procedure.

While on an Instagram story, only up to 10 people can be tagged in the post.


What Have We Learnt? 

To enjoy your Instagram facilities, you need to have some important knowledge. As Instagram limits several things officially, you should be aware of that.

In this post, you’re going to have 5 activities that should not be done on Instagram so that you can have a successful Instagram access. Let us know in comments below about other stoppable activities as well.

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