Soon we’ll be entering 2019 and probably it’s the right time to analyze online marketing trends for the next year.

Social media is an important part of digital marketing and acts as a strong marketing tool for brands.

There are several social resources that actively leveraging the marketing strategy of businesses and top of them is Instagram.

A study reveals that “Total number of daily active Instagram users is 500 million, daily users of Instagram Stories is 400 million, and number of photos and videos uploaded per day is more than 100 million”.

These stats clearly indicating there will be some trends that every Instagram user, either individual or brand will look for in 2019.

In this article, you’ll come to know about 5 Instagram trends that will be leading in 2019.

1) Direct Shopping on Instagram

When experts recommend, you go cautious and don’t challenge the reliability. Here is an example justifying the same.

Expert digital marketer Neil Patel recommends if you want to shop online, you should use Instagram’s Shopping feature.

The feature really acts perfectly and allows discovering the products easily on the app by condensing and availing information in one place.

The expert explains that when customers navigate a product they’re willing to purchase on Instagram, they’re more intended to finish the transaction rather than abandoning the cart.

Example of Instagram Shopping-

Instagram 1

2) Involving AR Filters into Your Instagram Stories

AR filters on Facebook which were once not welcome in the business realm and considered too unprofessional are being noticed.

Now, the scene is changing and Instagram users enjoy the casual connection with the favorite brands by welcoming business posts having funny filters in their videos.

Since the AR filters are in demand, therefore many brands are developing their own Instagram filters in order to please the interests of their followers.

If speculating all such outcomes, AR filters would surely be a leading Instagram business resource in 2019.

Native Instagram Filters-


3) IGTV will become More Prolific for Users

In June 2018, Instagram comes up with a new video platform on its app and named it IGTV.

It has been made for vertical video playback so that advertisers and content producers can address the audience in a better way that exclusively uses their mobile phones.

The reason for using vertical videos is that Instagram wants to encourage the audience to not only create video content but also do it exclusively for mobile.

The general position of mobile use remains vertically.

Making more vertical video content is one of the latest concepts that contemporary social media marketers should embrace if they’re looking to successfully stay up to date with the platform.

IGTV Example-


4) Go for Long-Form Content

Long form content is being welcomed nowadays on Instagram. Experts are a rise in the long-form on the platform.

Studies reveal that long-form content not only improves social media engagement, but also the website traffic.

5) Ads in Instagram Stories

Approximately half of all Instagram users get engaged with Instagram Stories on daily basis.

Instagram Stories have become a perfect alternative to increasing prices of Facebook advertising, and you can still achieve the same results with your ads.

Ads in Instagram Stories are the latest trend and it would surely be rocking in 2019.



Instagram is one of the suitable and in-demand social media marketing platforms and every year it brings some trends that are simply outstanding from a business point of view.

Here are 5 Instagram trends that would rock in 2019.

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