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What does content creation offer you?

Content ensures visibility, content gets essential information and content lets you advertise.

But, there may be times when your content fails to score as you’ve not done any research and didn’t include proper and relevant information.

This won’t be the loss of your article or blog only, but you’ll also lose as a writer.

If you’re looking to create winning content, plan and strategize your content.

Try to gather virtual (online) and real (from friends, network and other sources) information about the topic and ensure everything stated is easy to read and understand.

Each word of your content should move around the topic and should be explainable. Deviating from the topic may damage the quality of your content.

If you’re chasing an appropriate strategy for content creation, then this article is right for you.

1) Set Your Content Goals

Remember, every content type is different. For instance, an academic content is entirely different from SEO content.

Academic content completely moves around a certain kind of writing i.e. in academic writing, a writer can’t simply choose a form of writing which suits his or her writing.

An academic writer needs to follow the instructions provided by the institutions. Generally, academic writing needs a long form of sentences and in academic content, citation and bibliography is important.

On the other hand, in general, content writing is audience-based and location-based. There is no such a specific kind of form for content writing.

But, what is similar between these two type of writing is their goals. Both type of content look for ROI that should be fulfilled. The purpose of the content either used in an advertisement or a thesis should be accomplished.

If you would look in the below-mentioned image, you would see “developing an ROI plan of a content campaign was the second most popular response, accounting for 25%.”


2) Know Your Target Audience

Advancing without knowing your target audience may end up in unconvincing content creation. Suppose, you are writing for retargeting digital marketing training ads, and then, certainly your audience would be people who have already taken the course.

So, ideally, you would be encouraging them to join the course again and upgrade your digital marketing knowledge with the latest education.

Now, here you’ll have to meet your sales team in order to understand earlier what course modules were offered to them along with other benefits and how the new course will be an add-on benefit.

Once, you as a content writer come to know the exact requirement, you will deliver quality content.

Now, as an experienced writer, you would also know that a target audience may change over time. Thus, you will have to conduct a regular research for this and bring a fresh and attractive content.

You can use tools like Google Trends, Google Insights for Search, Quantcast and others to find your target audience.


3) How and what message to include your content?

The message of the content is extremely important as it states what theme your content is carrying.

Apart from this, a content specialist should also know how to convey that message to the audience. If as a content expert, you’re able to deliver the same; your content will be a rock-star.

You should read different articles, blogs, ad copies and others to gather how experts are delivering successful content. How efficiently they are able to market their product?

Learn all skills required for conveying the message of your content in the most righteous way. Make your ad headlines simple, straightforward and to-the-point.


4) Make Content for Your Search Engine 

You may have read several pieces of content where the focus is given on readability of the content rather than making it search engine-friendly.

Of course, you should make content that are highly readable and easy to understand, but how would you show them to your target audiences if there are no keywords inserted.

Without link building, you would be unable to show your content to your audience and thus, you have to follow all guidelines of the search engine.

Write the content with the proper length, keep your words describing the value or purpose of the subject every time, add an adequate number of keywords, and make it unique & plagiarism-free.

When you do these things, you create a content that is ideally prepared for search engine promotion.

In the below-given example, you can see “finding a balance between the creative element and search optimization” was the top answer, with 47% of respondents mentioning it”.


 5) Never forget to add visuals in your content

Gone are the days of plaintexts. Today matters an appealing piece of content that can’t be made without adding images and videos.

With the help of images, you can easily portray what you want to.

For instance, explaining the stats or usefulness of products can easily be displayed with the help of images and videos, respectively.

You can use tools like Pixabay and Pexels for this.



Content is not made to serve one kind of purpose rather it is something that is needed in every industry.

When it comes to online marketing, the importance of content increases extremely. But, to come up with a right content piece, you need to prepare a strategy.

Above-mentioned tips will help you in preparing a solid content strategy.

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