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Remarketing is an added conversion tactic in contemporary digital marketing.

Topnotch search engines like Google and Bing employ AI technology to enable companies to serve standard text ads or display advertising to past website visitors.

This digital marketing form is in a way adds personalization to every user and is more targeted than even a display ad used to target certain search terms.

The key phrase in internet remarketing advertising is relevance.

Company’s product ads are really pertinent to a person who has already browsed or navigated that site in the past.

Remarketing is quite similar to an ad-filtering program which people use while browsing the web.

PPC ads re-engage potential customers who have already shown interest in a product or service or company.

By employing advanced digital analytics forms, remarketing helps companies target the visitors who just browsed the product, but didn’t purchase it.

If you’re looking for best remarketing options, Google and Bing provide plenty of choices, when it comes to digital marketing-

1) Google Ads Remarketing Code

Google 1

This is another Google code called Google Ads remarketing code that enables you to target earlier visitors to your website and target them on the basic criteria mentioned on lists.

Google Ads code enables you to create lists on the basis of specific pages on your website, and not on the basis of the entire site in general-


Depending on the kind of customer you want to remarket to, while this could be more efficacious for you.

Take this example, you want to target the visitor who added only a product to the cart, but didn’t purchase, the Google Ads remarketing code can be used to target such visitors.

2) Google Remarketing Lists for Search Ads (RLSA)

Google Remarketing Lists for Search Ads is similar to Google Ads feature, but not completely, the later targets web browsers through GDN whereas the former targets previous visitors through GSN.

When users search for other items on Google and its partner sites, the remarketing ads will be shown based on your custom targets.

Google 2

3) Google Analytics Remarketing Code

Google 3

The most simplistic way to deploy a remarketing campaign is by using your Google Analytics account.

The easiest way to remarket is to use your Google Analytics account.

This is the widest remarketing form on Google as it enables to target earlier visitors to your website and serve them an ad.

If you’re not using Google Dynamic Remarketing, this will be the most efficacious remarketing way.

This remarketing tactic helps you target earlier website visitors on a particular behavior, based upon a list, or lists, that you create.

You also want to target visitors who belong to a certain demographic region and spent at least two minutes on your site, for instance.

This can be done by using your website’s Google Analytics code and track how much time each visitor spent on your site as well as his or her physical location. By knowing these two factors, you can place appropriate ads later.

4) Google Video Remarketing

Google video remarketing is another tactic that helps advertisers target through quality videos.

Google Ads will enable you to deliver ads to people who navigated your YouTube channel or any of the videos available on Google.

Google 4

In return, you can target these past visitors by offering them remarketing video ads on YouTube or using the GDN videos.

5) Google Email List Remarketing

Emails can also be used for remarketing. So, in case you’re having a list of emails of targeted or non-targeted customers, use Google email list remarketing.

When you upload your email lists to Google Ads in the form of custom audience, you can render them valuable ads when they’re signed into their Google Search, YouTube account or Gmail. Just ensure there would be no previous converters.

Also, the match rate of Google is higher than Facebook.


Remarketing is one of the proliferating tactics in digital advertising these days. If you want to accomplish your business goals with a good margin, no marketing tactic would be better than this.

Here are 5 ways you can remarket your products through Google’s remarketing resources.

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