Facebook with more than 800 million monthly active users has become one of the major players in the social media industry. If we talk about Facebook from a marketing perspective, it serves as an influential platform for building a community of brand proponents and enhancing word of mouth marketing. It is an increasingly significant asset for businesses to get found by and engage with potential customers on the web. However, there are certain facts and secrets related with Facebook that you probably did not know.

Here we have five facts about facebook that might be unknown to you or ignored by you and that you must know.


Facebook has a secret folder

facebook 5 Shocking! Right? Yes! Facebook has a secret folder for private messages hidden in your inbox. You can find this folder by opening your ‘messages’ and clicking on the ‘other’ tab next to ‘inbox’. Although it was intended to get rid of frustrating spam and unwanted messages from strangers but, most of the times it is actually full of job offers and messages from long-lost friends.

Facebook holds your private data

facebook 6 If you want to know how much Facebook knows about you then go ahead and click on your account settings and at the bottom of the ‘general account settings’ window click on ‘download a copy of your Facebook data’ and in few seconds you will get a report consisting everything you have shared from your pictures to your job history and to your chats. Is it not intimidating?

Facebook intends to control your phone


facebook 7 Facebook Home places your friends exactly at the front of your phone, with their status updates and photos straight away visible when you unlock the device. However, you can still use your apps and surf the web, but will have to exit Facebook first to get there.


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Facebook is keenly observing you


facebook 8 If you are surfing the web and logged on to Facebok account at the same time, Facebbok maintains a track of every site you visit if they have a Like or share button no matter whether you are clicking on it or not . So if it bothers you, try logging out of Facebook while surfing the internet.

Your personal data is now searchable

facebook 9 Whatever you share on Facebook from your favorite food to your love life gets indexed by search engines like Google and is now searchable with Facebook Graph Search after the advent of Google’s real time search results. To confirm if it really happens go ahead and search ‘Friends who like Metallica’ and you will find the respective results.

This information was necessary to be put across. If in case these things bother you, you can take the preventive measures at least and stop them from happening if possible. Besides, if you know some facts like this do share with us. We will be more than happy to know from you.

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