Searching new ways to re-engage existing customers and prospects on Facebook?

Be unconfident how to use remarketing to specific audiences?

Facebook retargeting campaigns are the hidden gems of the advertising world.

If you’re looking for effective remarketing via Facebook, you’ll need to post unique ads to custom audiences segmented according to their browsing history and interests.

An eMarketer study showed that 30% of consumers show a positive reaction to retargeted ads, while only 11% feel negative about retargeting campaigns.

In this article, you’ll learn 5 ways to target long-ago website visitors into reliable customers using Facebook retargeting campaigns.

Why did retargeting campaigns work?

  • With retargeting, people are already used to with your brand and product – they’re not 100% cold leads anymore
  • It lets you segment your audience based on their behaviors – you can create more personalized and related ads
  • They have lesser audiences, and every fellow of those audiences is a prospect – there will be less speculation of whom to target
  • It tends to have a lower cost-per-acquisition than regular campaigns targeted on cold Facebook audiences.

1) Retarget your Landing page visitors

When people visited your Landing page- they are interested in a particular product or feature and they’re already aware with your business.

If you target your warm audience with generic offers, would be a waste of time. Instead, create Landing page specific Facebook Ads that are highly related to your audience.

For example, this remarketing campaign from ‘Unbounce’ targeted a custom audience of visitors to a drive conversion related landing page.


All of the ads in the remarketing campaign focused on drive conversion, making them highly related to their audience.


  • Keep your offers landing-page specific.
  • Be clear about the next step- use call-to action (CTAs).
  • Revolve your ad designs and offers to see what works best.
  • Add a small discount to nudge people to come back to your website.
  • Don’t forget to eliminate people who already converted.

Create a Facebook Custom Audience

To target website visitors, you first need to create a Facebook custom audience.

  • Install the Facebook pixel
  • Go to the Audience section of Facebook Ads Manager.
  • Click Create Audience and select Custom Audience from the drop-down menu.
  • Next, select Website Traffic to create your custom audience.


  • From the Website Traffic drop-down menu- select the option to include people who have visited specific web pages. Then type in your landing page URLs.


  • To eliminate purchasers from your custom audience, add a new condition to exclude visitors to your thank-you page.
  • After adding a name for your audience, click Create Audience.


2) Retarget your Blog Readers

Blog visitors find your website by search engines, paid promotions, email newsletters, referrals, and many additional marketing channels.

If someone first time visits your blog, it might be possible that they’ll soon forget about your blog and move on to next.

Retargeting is a great way to recapture their attention, ultimately turning them into repaying readers. The best way to turn cold lead audience is to share free high-quality content by use of Facebook boosted post to reach more readers with your blog.


And, how can you limit your remarketing audience to only reach the blog visitors?

Here are some tips for reaching your potential blog audience:
  • Target people who have visited more than one blog article.
  • Target people who have visited a blog article and a landing page.
  • Target people who have visited a blog article and the Pricing page, signifying their interest in your product.


  • Start with easy sells to increase brand awareness.
  • Don’t ask people to buy something right away.
  • Ensure your ads are related to a specific article’s readers.
  • Use Facebook boosted posts to intensify your blog’s reach.
  • Eliminate people who have already read/downloaded your promoted content.

3) Retarget your Free trial and Freemium users

If you’re selling software solution or a subscription service, offer your prospects a free trial period.

The good thing about freemium users is that they’re already used to with your product and if offered a valuable update, they may be willing to start paying for your product.


During a free trial period, your goal should be to get people to engage with your product and learn about its highest benefits.

Example- The New York Times is offering a 4-week free subscription.


  • Offer an important product update that people are willing to pay for.
  • Connect your product’s benefits.
  • Share case studies and overcome possible objections.
  • Promote guides for getting started.
  • Exclude people who have set up a payment profile.

4) Retarget Past Purchasers

According to a report by Adobe, in the U.S., 41% of overall revenue is from repeat customers.

You should be creative and think about possible upselling opportunities for new Facebook remarketing campaigns.

You could set up Ad campaigns to:
  • Remind the past purchasers of your brand.
  • Share news about new products and services.
  • Offer discounts to get past purchasers back to your website to buy another product.
  • Promote upsell offers relevant to the purchasers of another product.

For Example, Jasper’s Facebook ad campaign could be targeted at people who have purchased gifts with them in the past.


  • Get creative with upselling campaigns.
  • Find the perfect timing.
  • Promote related or complementary products.
  • Offer to buy more items at a discounted price.
  • Remarket a few weeks after the initial purchase.
  • Run limited-time offers that create a sense of urgency.

5) Retarget to Newsletter Subscribers

There are two types of subscribers: People who nearly always open and read your emails, and people who never open an email from you.

To retarget to newsletter subscribers, start by segmenting your email lists into those two audience groups.

Focus first on the active readers who are highly engaged. You can target this audience with more sales-oriented offers such as Sign Up, Get Started Today, or Shop Now.


To create a remarketing audience of your newsletter subscribers:
  • Create a new custom audience
  • Select Customer File.


  • Next, select
  1. You want to choose a customer data
  2. Import contacts from MailChimp


  • If you want to upload your customer data, export it from your email marketing software and import it to Facebook as a .TXT or .CSV file.


  • Segment your audience into active and inactive readers.
  • Create different ads and offers, depending on the user’s engagement level.
  • Share related educational content
  • Create further segments to deliver more appropriate ads.
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