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The criterion of engaging people on social media has changed over the past few years. It’s no secret that video marketing campaigns are huge success on social media platforms like Facebook. An effective way to reach your target audience on Facebook is by running video marketing campaigns.

It is predicted that this year, video marketing will account for 69% of all consumer traffic and 85% businesses will realize the value of video marketing strategy.

You can increase your brand awareness in a creative and unique way by running quality branded video campaigns about your product launch or features. This way customers feel emotionally connected to your brand and emotional reaction is a wonderful marketing tactic.

Here we have brought 5 most amazing Facebook video marketing campaigns from which you can learn from.

1) Apple Music, Taylor vs. Treadmill

The Apple’s advertisement to promote its new subscription music service, Apple music is distractingly amazing. Together Apple and Taylor Swift created something that is relatable, regardless of her being a celebrity.

What makes the ad amazing?

Audience were able to connect with it, as everyone who uses the treadmill knows that sometime or the other you fall down while running on treadmill. What makes the ad more hilarious is that Taylor too falls down while running on the treadmill.

2) Dove, Beauty on your own terms

Dove’s campaign for Real Beauty is one of the best ad campaigns of 2016. It features women from all over the world who share their stories that how to feel good about themselves.

What makes the ad amazing?

It has become a norm to judge women by their appearance but Dove runs a campaign to remove this stereotype. They interviewed 10,500 women across 13 countries and it has been watched almost 13 million times on YouTube. It went viral because these women did what they wanted to do despite of what others told them to.

3) Chevrolet, Day it forward

Chevrolet launched number of videos on leap day which promoted good will and optimism. They were able to display the positive brand image with their #DayItForward campaign.

What makes the ad amazing?

This campaign resonated quite well with the audience because of being both entertaining and informative at the same time. These videos displayed sentimental feelings as people are giving away things and taking the day forward. And, it also prompts people to spend 24 hours of kindness.

4) BMW, Eyes on GiGi

BMW utilized the new and innovative technology of Facebook’s latest 360 video for launching its new campaign featuring Gigi Hadid. Their campaign was successful because of their interactive content.

What makes the ad amazing?

The campaign was able to drive viewers to its website for playing the game and then sharing it with friends and family. And, Gigi Hadid, the featuring model of the ad was the eye-candy for the audience.

5) Ariel – #sharetheload

Ariel matric detergent promotes the idea of men helping women to do household chores like laundry. They have hit the bull’s eye with their ‘share the load’ campaign which encourages men to help their wives and to remove gender inequality.

What makes the ad amazing?

The ad shares the content which is highly emotional and relatable. And, it ends at a very good note which makes us think harder that we all should act the same way and support gender equality.

We hope that you were able to learn the key points which made these Facebook video marketing campaigns work in 2016. So, now marketers can easily create and share great videos for their brands on Facebook by using Facebook Live as videos effectively improve your brand’s engagement.

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