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Are you leaning on the crutch of clichés? Using the overused phrases mindlessly? This could be the important reason you are not able to generate sales from your email marketing campaign.

By using these overly used phrases you pollute the inbox of your prospects who could be turned into your valuable customers, if you would have avoided using these clichés.

Now, is the time we put an end to these practices, so in this article we will show you 5 worst of marketing email clichés you should start avoiding.

Cliché 1: I sent you an important message

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Do you ever click upon the mails that start with, ‘I sent you an important message’ yesterday? Follow up mails when used wisely work as a powerful tool, as most of the people don’t get your message in the first attempt.

But, ‘I sent you an important email the next day’ and ‘I’m sending it again, so you don’t miss this opportunity’ are the phrases you should avoid in your marketing strategy. Because rather than sounding important these are considered to be irritating clichés.

By using this strategy you may get good number of open rates, but it won’t be beneficial for the brand whose goal is to drive sales from that mail.

What you should do instead?

Remarketing and follow up are the beneficial strategies that can be used in your interest without offending customers, if you do it right.

  • You should send a ‘polite reminder’ with a new email
  • Polite reminders can give you a 50% boost

While sending a mail again you should never presume that the message you are sending is important rather you should make it sound important. You should prove that what benefit they are going to get after reading it.

Cliché 2: Clickbait Headlines

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Do you ever come across an email that uses ‘shock’ to grab your attention? Clickbait headlines don’t work in the long run, as they decrease the chances of your email getting read ever.

While going through the inbox, most of the people tend to ignore the mails with words like ‘shocking’. Instead of directly using this word, shocking emotion should be there in your headline to convince your readers to go through it.

What you should do instead?

If your goal is to drive sales, then you should not focus on increasing number of open rates, rather focus on converting your promising leads into loyal customers.

If you are sending the mail for driving sales, then the subject line of your mail should not be ‘Know how to write a sales copy’, instead you should use something which provides a sense of satisfaction like, ‘I made a change..and my sales doubled’.

Cliché 3: Follow Us On…Every Platform

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Have you ever subscribed to a list and received a mail from them asking you to subscribe them everywhere.

This is a tactic that marketers should avoid at every cost, as most of the average readers will not follow you on other platforms rather they are likely to unsubscribe you.

Getting likes, comments and followers on social media is good, but it doesn’t mean that you need to include all your handles in every mail you sent.

Marketers should avoid doing so, because when you give people too many choices, they are more chances that they will make ‘no choice’.

What you should do instead?

Instead of including so many options in one mail, you should include a single option in a mail. Every brand wants to encourage readers to follow them everywhere, but for doing so you need to use the right way of convincing them.

In every mail you send you should decide upon one action that you want them to take, this increases the chances that they will click on the link and subscribe.

Emails that have too many options are annoying, so you should avoid keeping too many options in one mail.

Cliché 4: Last chance before it’s gone forever!

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No doubt that reminder mails work in your interest, but only if you send them right. If you are using the overused phrases like ‘Last chance before it’s gone forever’ or ‘The servers crashed’ and thinking that you will drive sales through it, then you are doing it completely wrong.

The strategy where you use subject lines, ‘deadline passes, then surprise’ is referred to as scarcity.

If your customers find out that you were lying about the end date, then they are likely to opt out.

What you  should do instead?

Scarcity still works for you but if you are honest about it, then it works even better.

So, if you want your customers to take an early-action, then you can ‘Offer a bonus for the first 24 hours’.

And, the best way to drive sales is to send an ‘Offer a Guarantee’ mail to your potential buyers, as this surely increases your sales.

Cliché 5: Live training, in just fifteen minutes!

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For attending a live training or a webinar, you may receive a mail saying ‘See you live, in just fifteen minutes’. Live sessions work well, only if you go live as per your email.

People are more likely to click on the mails which can provide them some value, so if you want to drive sales through your live session, then you must use it right way.

‘Live’ element is the great key for conversion. Undoubtedly people like the ‘live’ but they don’t like it at all when they are lied to.

No one likes to attend a live session which is a copy of your last live session, this way you may lose your potential customers.

 What you should do instead?

Pretending you are live when you are actually not is unethical, so instead you should use the alternatives like ‘exclusive’ instead of ‘live’, as this element will work well for your brand.

Even if your webinar is not live, but you answer the questions asked at the end of the webinar, then also you have the chance of converting them.

Everyday people receive lot of spammy mails that are clogging their inboxes. So, it’s necessary to take the brakes off and de-cliche your email marketing efforts by avoiding the above mentioned subject lines in your mail.

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