In today’s changing digital landscape, a number of myths have emerged that are causing marketers to scratch their heads that why are they not getting results in spite of giving their very best. But then even they are unaware that what they are calling the very best are actually some of the myths they have relied upon. How will that bring any success as to build a beautiful edifice, the base has to be perfect and the concern here is with the base.

That is why we have piled up few myths that are being heard on a regular basis from businesses.

Just creating a website will increase sales

d m 311 Websites vary from business to business and they cannot be same as they have to target different audiences and have different objective to achieve. Your main objective while creating a website should be to have good hosting, good optimization, good code and a design that fulfills the needs of your target audiences. Make sure your website is easily navigable, follows a system and is easily understandable. It has nothing to take with another website. You need to keep your objective and your target audience in mind while creating your website. Besides, you must pay your attention to the smooth movement of the customer through the sales cycle on your website from his landing to your website to the sales and design the website accordingly.

A good looking website will have more chances to be found on Google

d m 321 It has nothing to take with the capital that you have invested in your website creation. Getting found on the internet in the search engine requires proper optimization of your websites that in turn requires good coding, proper search engine optimization, a marketing strategy and content supporting the plans put in place. Besides, cheap websites is never a good idea for a business when it comes to other factors like its manifestation, usability, customer retention and so on.

Dealing on Social network is piece of cake


d m 33 Although social media outlets happen to be quite entertaining and interesting but then it is not easy to deal on such platforms. They require a lot of research, planning, monitoring and eventually much of your time. Simply tweeting anything on twitter or posting something randomly on Facebook is not going to bring the result you were wishing for. In fact, you actually have to be very attentive and particular about your actions on social media as negative or positive things easily get viral there. So before you go ahead with social media create a social media strategy and ask yourself a few questions such as ‘which social media platform will work best?’ ‘Which audiences are you targeting?’ ‘How will you measure the effectiveness of a social campaign?’ and so on.


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Just having a website on Internet will generate a Business revenue


d m 34 Random traffic is not going to make any money, until and unless the traffic coming to website is the one that you have targeted as your potential customers. There are so many people who by fluke come to your website when something catchy grips their minds but they have no buying intentions as such. So how will these visits bring money for you? In fact getting more traffic can make you pay for it if you are running any paid advertising campaign like PPC advertising campaign for your business, where in you need to pay each time someone clicks on your ads and visits your web page.

A perfect website, online marketing and content will bring money

d m 35 Why not? Of course a website, online marketing and content should be perfect but that does not mean these things will compensate for meager product or poor service. There are so many other things that need to be considered while running a business such as the customer service, products & the services offered and so on. Both online and offline you have to give your very best.

These were a few myths related with digital marketing that people still believe in. Misconceptions might get cropped up in your minds but then it shouldn’t prevail there for a longer time as that may act as thwarting factor in your success. The sooner you realize the facts, the better will that be for your business.



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