A recent survey revealed that 30% of all searches come from mobile devices, which makes the mobile search one of the most burning topics in the world of SEO at the moment. While people are constantly trying to make their websites as compatible as possible for its usage on mobile devices, there are a few common mistakes that they have been making .Remarkably, these mistakes once again bears out the same fact that a good mobile SEO is no different from giving users a great experience on mobile.

Here are some of those mistakes that you must understand and avoid.

Incompatible videos

mobile seo 1 There could be several reasons as to why videos are unplayable on mobile devices however you can circumvent content in formats such as Flash by making use of HTML5 when using video content. Make sure you test the video content on a mobile site yourself first to give the best possible experience to users.

Off beam Redirects

mobile seo 2 Most of the times it is found that smarphone users who are trying to access content on a URL from the desktop site are redirected to an irrelevant mobile URL. It happens to be a very common mistake. You can however avoid it by redirecting the mobile users to the homepage of your desktop website. Also, try to redirect a few mobile devices and not all.

‘404 Errors’ on Smartphones


mobile seo 3 When smartphone users try to access the same page that they were able to access on their desktop, they often get this error message. So in such case the first thing you can do is to identify the correct mobile URL to redirect to however if can’t do that try displaying the desktop version to mobile users.


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Use of APP Download Interstitials


mobile seo 4 Marketers usually promote a website’s app to mobile web users when they visit a mobile URL however as per Google it’s a mistake as it tends to disrupt the visitor’s use of the website. So, instead try to use a banner to promote your app lined up with the content of the page. Otherwise, Google will lower the mobile ranking of the website if you will use app download interstitials.

Inappropriate Cross-Linking

mobile seo 51 Inappropriate cross-linking, which is also known as incorrect opt-out behavior, must be avoided. If the mobile website’s users want to switch to the desktop view, they should not be taken to the pages that do not correspond to its mobile-optimized view, such as the homepage of your website.

Hopefully this piece of information will help you do a more efficient mobile SEO averting all the possible mistakes that you might have been making up till now.




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