One of the most thoughtful objectives for marketers is to achieve increased engagement with visitors. LinkedIn isn’t an exception and advertisers here also need to pay attention towards elements that can actually bring increased engagement on this unbowed platform.

What about if we take a glance at few stats before talking of hacks? Here, we go:

  • LinkedIn has 3x higher visitor-to-lead conversion rate than Twitter and Facebook.
  • Per minute, 200 conversations in LinkedIn Groups
  • Every day, 172,000 New Signups take place
  • Number of LinkedIn users that share content on it weekly: 3 million
  • Total number of LinkedIn endorsements: 10 billion

Indeed, even with the information available, identifying how to increase engagement on LinkedIn is dependably a mix of art & science. However, there are upheld best practices that can help better place your brand with improved engagement on LinkedIn. Here, we go:

1) Pay attention to when you are posting

Twitter and Facebook may rule when it comes to social sharing of stories/blog posts/visual media, etc., but discussing direct traffic to your main site; LinkedIn is the most effective social referral source. When you need to achieve the largest number of people with your content, it bodes well to publish when they are around.

Studies say that LinkedIn’s busiest time slots are Morning and Midday, Monday through Friday. In general, business hours have the most extreme reach. And, here, you have to test what performs best for you.

To draw maximum out of this hack, make certain your posting schedule matches up with the rhythms of LinkedIn audience. There are several tools like Buffer, Everypost, SocialOomph, Hootsuite, SproutSocial, etc. that can help you schedule your posts at the time you pick.

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How often to post on LinkedIn?

Frequency information for platform like LinkedIn is really harder to uncover. Though, the site itself published a marketing report having the best guideline for LinkedIn sharing and it asserts that 20 posts per month allow you to reach 60% of your LinkedIn audience. To make it simple, one post per weekday.

2) Study & optimize you engagement metrics

Stats are actually a great piece of advice to tell marketers how to market effectually on LinkedIn. ‘LinkedIn Analytics’ is a feature that the company page admin can access and use to study the engagement percentage.

The information can be drawn by clicking on the analytics link present on the main insights page; here you can view the entire statistic details for the updates you share helping you to calculate the engagement percentage.

It measures the aggregate number of interactions, clicks, and followers attained for every single update you post to your account.

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Engagement helps you learn where to mend, grow, and alter the way you bring on information. Monitor the category of content you published, the day of the week and the time of the day you posted, whom you have targeted and the stats can help you come up with the more optimized post next time.

LinkedIn Metrics to see for:

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3) Let your Status Updates have pictures, files, questions & links

Using images makes your status updates pop out in the stream, in the manner getting more eyeballs and engagement.

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On using interesting links help you pull in several additional clicks to a URL you are busy promoting. Follow the approach and exploit driving relevant traffic to your update, you have brought for target market.

Including images, files and links within your interesting posts, you discover different ways to gain more followers that just prompts to bigger engagement.

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4) Use LinkedIn Ads

LinkedIn Recommendation Ads fill in as an awesome tool to promote your products and services to your target market. These actually help you increase engagement with your company page by getting more traffic and product recommendations. And, whenever there is a recommendation from someone’s end, it gets consequently shared with that individual’s followers. It works as having Precise Targeting, Native Advertising, Ease of Use and User Intent. To understand LinkedIn Advertising.

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On choosing to run an ad instead, you can create up to 15 differences for each ad (including a different URL, a different pic, different copy, different CTA) – letting you to work out what does best and using that info to augment their efficacy at driving conversions.

5) Sponsor your important updates

Sponsoring task on LinkedIn embraces ‘paying’ to boost your company updates by endorsing them to a targeted audience outside of your listed followers. Subsequently, it begin showing up in people’s feeds and prominently when you sponsor an update, LinkedIn helps you track the number of added impressions, clicks, interactions and followers acquired. Looking at these, you can know how the update performed by comparing stats achieved before and after a particular piece of content was sponsored.

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By any means an active LinkedIn presence surely helps a business to grow. And, likely when you want to improve engagement on LinkedIn, the above mentioned ways can help you surely.

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