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Would you like to know what’s hot and what’s not when discussing Twitter etiquettes?

Really, we all slip on social platforms; yet time and again making mistakes on these can negatively affect brands and prevent audiences from perpetually getting to be customers.

Here, in this article we’ll talk about 5 biggest mistakes, you should avoid making on Twitter.

Mistake 1: You send an auto DM

An Auto DM is an automatic message that gets sent to your followers once they have followed you.

The trouble with this is that most receivers take this as spam. This prompts low click-through and prevents visitors from building a relationship with you. People prefer to buy from people and in the case, these auto DMs will do more damage than good as wasting your time & efforts.

The solution: You need to bin it!

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Mistake 2: Not giving enough value

Brands and businesses that see Twitter as a sales channel instead of a relationship building channel, experience downfall. When trying to sell from start, you will fail to build an audience.

At first, provide value and brand your business. You have to earn reputation and trust before you can sell.

The solution: Share the kinds of content and engagement your audience would value

Mistake 3: Your tweets are not spaced out

You purely love Twitter and you are replying to hundreds of people with valuable & profitable tweets.  There is a problem i.e. you post excessively and your tweets aren’t spaced out.

It doesn’t lead to a good impression when your followers look at timeline or lists that you’re a member of; they see your flooded tweets.

Nobody is interested in seeing every single public conversation or reply of yours, or you can take it in a way that they are not sufficiently seeing of your tweets with most important content.

The Solution: Limit your tweets to no more than 2 per hour.

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Mistake 4: Not creative enough with your content

You are posting regular articles and images, getting sensible engagement, genuinely content with what you are doing. It seems like you have fallen into the comfortable stage on ‘Twitter’.

It’s a check as you need to think about it. Think of new, imaginative ways to share content on Twitter, set up Twitter Cards, and create videos, GIFs, Infographics.

It’s expected to jump out of your comfort zone and begin testing new and creative sorts of and witness a huge jump in content engagement and reach.

The solution: Start trying it for yourself!

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Mistake 5: You are present but as a robot

Are you present as a human on Twitter?

Nowadays, as there are several brilliantly performing Twitter tools to help advertisers automate selected tasks, the chances have increased of making marketers fall into the trap of turning into a robot.

People adore when they get opportunities to speak to real humans. So, write manual Tweets considering users who have shared you content, reach out to influencers and manually engage with their content, manually reply and provide value on a daily basis.

The solution: Be a human!

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Stop making these common mistakes and start considering advices from credible people who actually do this.

The result will be that people will follow you, people will re-tweet you, and you’ll get more in return.

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