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To make B2B products and services sexy with marketing is a challenging task and there have been instances when creative marketers have succeeded in generating inspiring marketing content for their brands.

Here, we have presented a list of the chosen 5 B2B Marketing campaigns and a few of the key takeaways you can borrow from them to make your own content even more powerful and resulting.

1) Ceros: Blog

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‘Ceros’ brings best practices and trends in digital publishing & online marketing.

Streamlined, vivid and modest, are the perfect words to define this blog which actually looks like a magazine. The way it uses visual format, it gives its each blog post a feel of having its own landing page. Crisp and bright images lure you most and make you wander through the headlines. The Pinterest-style tile layout gives it a strongly creative, intuitive feeling.

The creativity behind
  • It knows how to use images cleverly to add a noticeable style and elegance to most of the topics
  • The topics are identifiable and firmly stranded within the B2B marketing space
  • The entire blog appears like a beautiful gallery.
  • Clever placing of CTAs, aimed at diving leads.
Key Takeaways
  • With simplified approach including good & solid blog posts can work to direct readers to your site.
  • Using interactive media like video, podcasts, etc. you can dress up your blog posts and make it additionally informative without extra text.
  • Go for clean layout and stylized approach, matching up to your brand strategy.
  • CTAs bring added opportunities for visitors, further interacting with your brand.

2) IBM 60 years in Singapore: Microsite

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IBM is a tech retail company and holds a unique market position, backed by its long and rich history in the computing world.  And, it’s recent 60 years in Singapore campaign state the smart work done by its marketing team.

The creativity behind
  • A reader always seeks interest in reading a story and here, IBM proved to be a perfect storyteller, pairing its history with projects and trends 50 years in the future. You actually get to know IBM’s journey and where it would be heading for.
  • It really uses a cool interactive layout and navigation structure.
  • First-person stories of real employees and historical events in Singapore make it interesting and informative.
Key Takeaways
  • Who says history can’t be useful? There must be a number of photos & anecdotes from your business’s history and it can be turned into a perfect brand story piece.
  • Among fictional and real stories, the second one is liked most. When you feature real stories, it feels genuine and customers actually connect to it.

3) Capital One Twitter: Social Media

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Capital One comes under top 10 largest banks in America based on deposits and offers a broad array of financial products and services to consumers, small businesses and commercial clients. And, their Twitter Feed give impressions that they prefer to stay away from heavy technical content, making it a good example of how to reach audience, talking of March Madness sponsorship and a travel contest.

The creativity behind
  • They have done a great job of making use of seasonal opportunities firstly with the March Madness basketball tournament, and next with the summer travel season.
  • This keeps their content fresh, relevant and shareable.
  • They reach both B2B and B2C audiences, counting investors to recent graduates.
  • Capital One brings both professional and palatable balance as a tricky approach.
Key Takeaways
  • It’s possible to make content less intrusive and more shareable; using lighter friendlier tone and highlighting some of the fun.
  • Use bright, bold, unconventional images to draw people’s attention to your brand.
  • By showing off your crossover appeal and ensuring a good mix of content in interest of main Audiences, you can become a versatile communicator.
  • Take advantage of your most interactive content for social media.

4) GE’s The Message: Content Marketing

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Over the past two decades, GE has shown that how impeccable the name is in brand storytelling. They have developed a number of award-winning campaigns as a result. And, their recent campaign, The Message, a science-fiction podcast series that brings together tech and aliens, has been a success, topping the iTunes charts.

The creativity behind
  • They gave more importance on developing an interesting story, making it easy to consume.
  • The podcast as a medium is an excellent way to show off the company’s creativity
  • It appeals to our emotions and studies say that emotional content creates greater effect than the purely rational one.
  • The episodic content is fun, engaging and keeps viewers coming back for more content week after week.
Key Takeaways
  • Podcasts can be a great cost-effective way to differentiate your content.
  • Tell a story that emphasizes unique and interesting parts of your brand
  • Viewers find interactive content more engaging than traditional content types.
  • Hosting your podcast on a landing page lets you track visitors and adds credibility.
  • Experiment with episodic content as audiences love suspense and will be more inclined.

5) NewsCred: High Fashion, Great Content

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NewsCred is known for selling software and services to digital content marketers. In its microsite, the name taps into storytelling, brand campaigns, and fashion and these three topics echo intensely with their aimed audience.

The creativity behind
  • NewsCred leveraged the brand power and content from top fashion brands like Chanel, Burberry, Nasty Gal, and Net-a-Porter.
  • It made use of current event, launching the site in conjunction with NY Fashion Week.
  • A rich, interactive format brings each of the featured brands and their stories to life.
Key Takeaways
  • Take advantage out of trending topics or events that are appropriate to your industry when launching a campaign.
  • Name drop brands you admire in your content, or get them to partner with you to create your content.
  • Use interactivity to augment your storytelling and involve your viewers.

It’s not like that B2B marketing campaigns have to be arid or boring. To make your campaigns expand the scope of success, you have to experiment with fresh media and storytelling trends. As you can see that the success of above presented campaigns is rooted in an acceptance that even B2B buyers have the same craving for useful, exciting and reliable marketing as daily consumers. So, inherit the trait of proving deep customer intelligence and make your marketing initiatives successful.

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